In 2012 players were presented with the first ever gameplay video for “Raven’s Cry”, now two years later players will be glad to hear that a release date has been announced for the third person RPG adventure game! Set to be released on the 14th of October this year, Raven’s Cry puts you in the shoes of a young Scottish lad by the name of Christopher Raven aboard a ship with his parents. Events transpire and young Christopher is left as the sole survivor, so he makes it his mission to seek vengeance on those who wronged him. Set in 17th century Caribbean, players can look forward to the immense beauty on offer.

One of the main selling points for this game is the promised 25 hour long storyline, which is something to look forward to especially since this game has mass amounts to do and many places waiting to be explored. Young Christopher is searching for one pirate in particular in the beautiful Caribbean islands, Neville Scranton, whom he blames for the murder of his parents. The gameplay elements revealed thus far indicate that there will be RPG elements and sidequests to keep you occupied, as well as an Assassins creed like notoriety system and a “fear” system allowing you to scare off enemies in certain situations.

A "captains log" was released to the press as a fun way to release game details to the public, this can be found below.
The Captain’s Log of Christopher Raven

Karlsruhe (Latitude 48° 59' 2.21" N, Longitude 8° 29' 44.96" E), March 28, 2014 08:00 UTC+1 – I’ve been informed by the crews of TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump that a new website covering my travels has been completed. Starting today, all information on "Raven’s Cry" may be accessed at www.ravenscry-game.com. Let the record officially note the site coordinates. Observations of the crew’s activity on the web as noted on the maps indicate:

- Snapshots of our travels (screenshots)
- Moving pictures depicting out activities on the high seas and on shore (videos)
- Descriptions of known and undiscovered locations and the dangers associated with them
- Records full of information on friend and foe alike
- Drawings and designs featuring the captain’s friends and acquaintances (concept art)

Karlsruhe (Latitude 48° 59' 2.21" N, Longitude 8° 29' 44.96" E) March 28, 2014, 09:00 UTC+1 – A Note on the entry from 08:00

Along with the overhaul of the website, the men are planning to send out a message in a bottle (newsletter) every two weeks. The captain hereby grants his approval for the following items to be released:

- Information on travel itineraries
- Background reports on seafaring and trade
- Battle reports
- Contacts with ladies

Up-to-date readings of the currents in these waters indicate that the bottles should arrive at the coordinates of the new website (registration).

Kraków (Latitude 50° 3' 74" N, Longitude 19° 56' 41.93" E) March 28, 2014, 10:00 UTC+1 –
The navigator announces an arrival date of 10/14/2014 for "Raven’s Cry". Given that "Raven’s Cry" has doubled the amount of cargo in her holds, this will delay her arrival into port. The additional loot includes the following features:

- New skills for the captain (a skill tree with over 25 options)
- The personal story of Christopher Raven (more than 25h of main storyline)
- Additional adventures and skirmishes (open-world setting and side quests)
- An economic system with a wide variety of tradable goods and simulated price adjustments
- Realistic naval combat
- Depictions of the dark life of pirates (cinematic cutscenes)

Signed: Christopher Raven, Captain

Is anyone else excited for this game? Personally I think it will be fantastic. The pirate aspect is very appealing as is the Caribbean location. The gameplay elements seem fantastic and the systems in place also seem very interesting, but not as interesting as the main storyline, which I can’t wait to see the conclusion to.