Not to be left behind by all the games with their own Christmas events, Rainbow Six Siege has kicked off its own, which hands out freebies for accomplishing certain tasks.

Between now and January 3, players can take part in new Ubisoft Club challenges that primarily offer charms as rewards. These are the cosmetic-only items added in the Dust Line update which are essentially decorations that you can adorn your weapon with. Those up for grabs include a special Sneaky and Tactical Santa ones.

Each set of challenges (and their corresponding rewards) are only available for a few days. You can check out the full schedule below; right now, players are tasked with securing kills with either melee attacks or gadgets.

Christmas Challenge

12/20 - 12/27

  • Challenges: Do 10 kills with gadgets/melee
    • Reward: Sneaky Santa Charm
  • Challenges: Do 20 kills with gadgets/melee
    • Reward: Tactical Santa Charm
  • Challenges: Do 30 kills with gadgets/melee
    • Reward: Christmas Pattern 1
New Year's Eve Challenge

12/27 - 1/3

  • Challenges: MVP with 4000 Score
    • Reward: Disco Ball Charm
Rainbow Six Anniversary Challenges

12/20 - 12/27

  • Challenges: Win 10 rounds with GIGN Operators
    • Reward:Twitch's Shock Drone charm

12/27 - 1/3

  • Challenges: Win 10 rounds with FBI SWAT Operators
    • Reward: Castle's Icon charm

Ubisoft recently released a big patch for Siege, buffing Tachanka and making a large number of balance changes.

Source: GameSpot