Rainbow Six Siege has acquired a dedicated fanbase over the time since its initial release, due in large part to Ubisoft's continuing support and frequent content releases. And the company doesn't plan on stopping any time soon: starting today, you can buy the game's Year 3 content pass for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Like with past DLC passes, this one will get you early access to all of the new content that Ubisoft will release over the coming year. Specifically, the publisher plans on adding eight Operators representing six different countries.

In addition, purchasers can expect a bunch of VIP benefits such as extra credits, customization options, and shop discounts. If you purchase the pass before March 5, you'll also get a special Damascus Steel weapon skin, and if you owned the Year 2 pass, you'll receive an extra 600 credits. The pass is available for $30 / £25 / AU$45 .

Source: GameSpot