Another update is on the way to Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft has detailed what's new in the upcoming patch, which serves as one of the "Mid-Season Reinforcements" that focuses on improving the game and fixing bugs, rather than introducing new content.

Kapkan sees a radical change to how his gadget works. His laser trip mines now essentially disappear after being placed, making it far more difficult for enemies to avoid. However, this isn't an across-the-board buff: the mine deals 60 damage, rather than instant killing foes caught in the blast. Kapkan himself, meanwhile, sees a jump in his movement speed.

"We feel as though this change is an adaptation of Kapkan to the skill level of players who have adapted to spotting the trip laser, instead of rushing through doorways," Ubisoft explained. "We hope to see new strategies develop for him, alongside our other trapper defenders."

Blitz is another character seeing a change. Ubisoft wanted to make him more effective overall, noting that he is "extremely vulnerable without his shield protecting him," particularly when he sprints. With this update, Blitz can sprint but keep his shield up in front of him, protecting him from enemy fire while he gets close enough to leverage his shield flash ability.

The last big character change concerns Ela, who has been deemed too strong. Following the update, she'll now have only three Grzmot mines (down from four) and experience greater recoil when firing her Scorpion SMG.

Also included in the update is a new Jager Elite set, Flying Ace, which consists of a matching uniform, headgear, Operator card, title, charm, and victory animation. There are also a variety of network improvements--including those to hit validation and latency alignment--which are explored in some detail here.

Ubisoft has also resolved a potential exploit that allows it to provide Renown in single-player Terrorist Hunt missions and Situations, though this will be doled out based on playtime--meaning difficulty or performance isn't accounted for. Finally, numerous bugs have been fixed, such as problems with shields in certain doorways and an issue where players could see through smoke grenades if they were far away. You can check out everything that's changed in the full patch notes. The update is on the way to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but a release date has not been announced.

Source: GameSpot