Rainbow Six Siege's next patch, version 2.1, is now available on all platforms. It's positioned as the "first major title update" coming as part of the ongoing Operation Health initiative, the aim of which is to improve the "overall Rainbow Six Siege experience." In terms of update 2.1's major focuses, there are no big surprises, as Ubisoft has previewed the changes that are to come. That doesn't make them any less welcome, though. 2.1 introduces One-Step Matchmaking, which "means more stability and faster matchmaking results." Ubisoft describes it as a "giant step towards better performance and faster queue times."

Interactive Matchmaking is also new, allowing you to freely browse the menus while waiting for a match. You can purchase new Operators, tweak your loadouts, and so on, all of which could previously only be done if you hadn't yet entered a matchmaking queue. Following a match, you and your party can vote to go back to the menu, re-enter matchmaking, or continue with your current group.

In terms of gameplay itself, the previously discussed hitbox changes have been implemented. Put simply, players will no longer suffer damage when they take hits to things that should not hurt them, such as baggy clothing or accessories. This is true for all existing and future Operators. Ubisoft says it "will allow for a full artistic freedom on character models and customization without a heavy impact on gameplay balancing."

On the balance side, Glaz has been deemed too effective, particularly in high-level play. As a result, his weapon's damage has been reduced and his accuracy lowered when firing repeatedly. "At short distance especially, defenders will take more body shots before dying to the Dragunov," Ubisoft says. This and some changes to the availability of smoke grenades are discussed in detail on the Siege website.

Other changes include resolving certain exploits, such as being able to melee kill someone through Mira's mirror. Three locations where spawn kills are possible have also been addressed (shown in the images above), and others will be targeted in future updates. You can check out all of the other bug fixes in the patch notes below. For the full rundown on the update, head here.

The game's next patch will be update 2.2.2. Ubisoft says this will "issues with Hibana, smoke grenade replication, aiming consistency, Alpha Pack deployment, and other long-persisting issues. However, it should be noted that a lot of what we are working on regarding gameplay fixes will be arriving in Season 3."

Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.1 Main Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Players are able to melee others through Mira's One Way Mirror.
  • Fixed - Audio from Impact grenades does not always trigger properly.
  • Fixed - Players receiving Timeout error 6-0x00001000 when first connect to server on creating squad.
  • Fixed - Nitro Cell does not deal damage if placed on the vans of Consulate.
  • Fixed - Players will sometimes not see a prompt for "To Enter" when rappelling.
  • Fixed - Defenders are registered as outside on the Master Bedroom door frame on House.

  • Fixed - EDD cannot be deployed in certain locations.
  • Fixed - EDD is difficult to deploy on doorframes when an object is nearby.
  • Fixed - The prompt to deploy the EDD is only available in a small angle on certain windows.
  • Fixed - EDD is hidden when placed at the bottom of the Geisha room doorway.

  • Fixed - Caveira will sometimes use a placeholder audio bark when throwing an Impact grenade.

  • Fixed - Friendly gadgets are detected when using the RED MK III "Spectre".
Game Modes

Terrorist Hunt
  • Fixed - AI pathing on Club House.
  • Fixed - AI pathing on Chalet.
Level Design

  • Fixed - Geisha room floor is unbreakable.
  • Fixed - The floor surrounding the trapdoor in Geisha room cannot be destroyed properly.
  • Fixed - Defuser cannot be placed on multiple locations due to objects.
  • Fixed - Black Eye cameras are able to float in mid-air in the Wine Cellar once all bottles are broken.
  • Fixed - Stairs in 1F Toilet do not have bullet collision, and damage can be dealt through them.
  • Fixed - Attackers can reach an inaccessible location while being pushed in rappel, causing players to fall out of bounds.
  • Fixed - Carpets on the second floor are unbreakable.
  • Fixed - Kapkan's EDD clips through the lamp on the right side of the window in 2F Geisha Room.

  • Fixed - Ramps at the top of stairs flicker, and present a graphical glitch.
  • Fixed - Glowstick prevents a Defuser plant in 2F Armory Locker Room.
  • Fixed - Gadgets cannot be placed on wall in 1F Customs Inspections room.
  • Fixed - Defuser cannot be placed on the metal steps in the Server Room.
  • Fixed - Players are able to climb onto the handrail in the stairs of Main Hallway, and then vault into the scaffolding.
  • Fixed - There is a gap between the walls located in 2F Security Room, allowing players to fire on 1F VIP Section.

  • Fixed - Tree and flower pots do not have collision at 1F Main Entrance, and allow players to shoot through walls to the Snowmobile Garage corridor.
  • Fixed - Operators do not take damage from Nitro Cells or grenades when rappelling from 2F Bedroom Terrance.
  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot through the floor in Master Bedroom and kill enemies outside.
  • Fixed - Defenders are able to spawn kill Attackers spawning at Campfire.

  • Fixed - A small flag prevents the placement of the Defuser in Executive Office.
  • Fixed - Players are able to vault through the top of the plane using a deployable shield.
  • Fixed - Drones are able to break collision with the partially destroyed ceiling near the entrance of 2F Front Hallway.
  • Fixed - When player 1 is running and crouching on a prone player 2 at the same place, player 1 will have an advantage.

  • Fixed - Broom prevents Defuser placement in Church.
  • Fixed - Defuser cannot be placed on dumbbells in 2F Gym.
  • Fixed - Players do not receive damage from a Nitro Cell if it is thrown against the brick wall near the jukebox.
  • Fixed - The vault option does not appear on the bar counter in the Strip Club.
  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot through the metal frame of the barred windows in 1F Garage.
  • Fixed - Location indicator is missing in the room with the destructible wall that is next to 2F Secret Stash.

  • Fixed - Defuser cannot be planted in multiple locations.
  • Fixed - Some gadgets cannot be placed near the trapdoor found in Model Hall.
  • Fixed - Floor above the furnace can be destroyed from above and players are then able to place gadgets and cameras within the Furnace. These gadgets and cameras cannot be seen from the outside.
  • Fixed - University nameplates can be shot through, but not destroyed.
  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot through the ceiling of the Service Room.
  • Fixed - Defenders can be detected if crouched near a partially destroyed wall in 2F Model Hall.

  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot from EXT Patio towards Laundry Room, through non-LOS objects.
  • Fixed - Valkyrie is able to place her cameras between walls, and see through them.

  • Fixed - Defenders are able to have line of sight on the Attacker Spawn point from CC3F Control Room Window.

  • Fixed - Defenders have a direct line of sight into the Side Entrance spawn point by jumping outside from Visa Office.
  • Fixed - Players are able to vault over a deployable shield onto the metal pipes found under Service Stairs.

  • Fixed - Attackers are able to vault from the exterior canopy inside the 2F Penthouse room.
  • Fixed - Invisible collision is present around the flowers of 2F Hallway.
  • Fixed - Defenders are able to shoot through the guitar supports located in 2F Hall of Fame and kill Attackers.

  • Fixed - Players are able to shoot through the lower half dividers in 1F Dining Room.
  • Fixed - Vaulting through the window from 2F Office that is partially destroyed will result in the Operator remaining stuck.

  • Fixed - Players will not receive any damage from a detonated Nitro Cell if they are on the bed in 2F Small Dorms.
  • Fixed - There is a seam gap on the ceiling of Tower Stairs.
  • Fixed - Players are able to fire through a gap between the walls of 1F Office.
  • Fixed - Players are able to break collision with the freezer in 1F Pantry.
  • Fixed - A wall reinforcement in the Supply Room does not fully cover the wall.
  • Fixed - Players are able to reach an inaccessible area in the Boiler Room.
  • Fixed - Metal decals appear even though bullets do not penetrate through the big dresser in 2F Kids' Room.

  • Fixed - Drones are able to clip through the ceiling of Bank Garage.
  • Fixed - Walking over the box in 1F Archives will interrupt the Secure Area process.
  • Fixed - Drone can be placed on top of pipes in Garage to see through all floors.
User Experienc
  • Fixed - Jackal's default and Photon uniforms are different from their thumbnails.

Source: GameSpot