Rainbow Six Siege Year 4, Season 4: Operation Shifting Tides is officially live. Like previous seasons in Year 4, the Operation Shifting Tides update adds two new playable Operators. The new season makes adjustments to an old map and implements notable gameplay changes too.

The two new Operators--Jaimini Kalimohan "Kali" Shah and Ngũgĩ Muchoki "Wamai" Furaha--have already been introduced, but both have been fleshed out a little more in a brand-new trailer. In the trailer, which is embedded below, Kali is on the phone with (presumably) Team Rainbow.

Unlike the majority of Team Rainbow's recruits, Kali and Wamai are private military contractors, so Kali isn't willing to join the anti-terrorist group until she's been paid. Her abrasive behavior eventually wins out, and she agrees to join Team Rainbow and bring her "best man" with her. While she haggles on the phone, Wamai is meditating underwater--showcasing how his abnormal physiology and history in the Navy allow him to hold his breath significantly longer than a normal human.

For now, Kali and Wamai have only released for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Season Pass owners. If you don't have the pass, you'll have to wait until December 10--and even then, it will still cost you Renown or R6 Credits to purchase them. Regardless of whether you have the pass of not, all players now have access to the reworked Theme Park map. The old map has been changed in several ways: the train in the center is gone, the east and west sections are now closer together, and the downstairs area has been remodeled.

Of all the gameplay changes that Operation Shifting Tides brings, the biggest is the addition of limb penetration. Bullets fired from certain weapons will now penetrate through arms and legs, allowing you to potentially damage multiple enemies in a single shot. The update also adds new Operator and weapon skins and lowers the price for purchasing Hibana, Echo, Dokkaebi, Vigil, Kaid, and Nomad.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: GameSpot