Rainbow Six Siege Release Date Delayed

Announced earlier today in a blog post by Ubisoft, the developers have decided to delay the initial release by a few months, after taking into...
  1. RaoulDuke
    The next installment in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series has had gamers waiting patiently for over seven years, and now it seems we will all have to wait just a bit longer. Announced earlier today in a blog post by Ubisoft, the developers have decided to delay the initial release by a few months, after taking into consideration the fan feedback they've received from the closed alpha, along with the hands-on demos at 2015's E3 and Gamescom events.

    Originally scheduled to launch October 13th on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, the developers have determined it would be for the best to push back the release, now planned for December 1st, across all regions. In the blog post, Ubisoft said that along with all of the feedback, and their own internal tests of the game, they personally felt there were some adjustments that could be made to improve the overall co-op experience across all modes, as well as tweaking the general balance of weapons, gadgets, and the menu/interface navigation.

    Along with this news, Ubisoft said the upcoming beta will continue as planned, starting September 24th, for those that preorder Rainbow Six Siege. The full blog post made by Ubisoft can be read here.


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  1. SIXx SHOTt
    Damn this really bites IMO. Been looking forward to this one since they first spoke of it.
  2. Criptek Shinobi
    Like all of you. I'm glad, but slightly disappointed. I can't be the only one to think Ubisoft are taking on too many projects at once? I've seen a lot of comments on this thread alone that say "The trailer looks amazing!" or something along those lines… Please people. Don't get your hopes up, remember the trailers for Assassins Creed Untiy, The Crew, and Watch Dogs? They looked insane but the game's although playable, if you don't count ACU were tragic, I enjoyed all 3 when major bugs were finally fixed, and yes, I understand that Siege is being pushed back to fix bugs like this but are you seriously telling me your not worried about Ubisoft f***¡ng up like last year? Game's were better made 5 years ago.
  3. 50 Pence
    I Guarantee this and the following games will be delayed.....
    -Star Wars Battlefront III
    -Ghost Recon Wildlands
    -Gears 4
    -Mafia III
    -Metal Gear Solid PP

    Just saying I think all of these will be delayed or postponed by a month or two at least.
      Criptek Shinobi likes this.
    1. Criptek Shinobi
      Dude. You forgot The Division. We'll get about a month away from launch and then they'll push it back by another 4 months or sum sh¡t
    2. 50 Pence
      They've already done that lol it was supposed to be out this year march or April I think now its next year
    3. Criptek Shinobi
      That's what I mean. I'm expecting another push back. Their excuse will be "After the BETA, we realised there were many bugs and problems" or something along those lines. BTW, love the name
  4. Wavy
    Who's planning to hit that beta though? This game looks awesome, and I love being a part of team strategics.
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  5. GTA Sin Andreas
    Glad that they are pushing it back to fix any issues. Nice call. :smile: I really want this game to succeed.
      RaoulDuke likes this.
  6. ColoredHacks
  7. Percy Jackson
    As many have said, its better to just delay it and perfect it.
  8. X Delta X
    I would rather them delay it to make it better than to just release it and be like "eh, we don't care". Also, this gives me more time to get my xbox 1 :smile:
      Destiny likes this.
  9. Arxhive
    I'd rather they take more time to perfect it.
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  10. Kankuro
    What about the Beta? Any change in it's release?
    1. Gardzz
      I had a look into when i posted my comment, as of that time i found nothing.
    2. RaoulDuke
      From what I found in my source it says the beta will continue as scheduled, for those that preorder, on September 24th. I've updated the article with that info, thanks for asking Kankuro. :thumbsup: