A new Rainbow Six Siege event has been confirmed, and it sounds like it's going to be much different from what players are used to. Outbreak involves teams of three players teaming up to take on a "mysterious threat" in a town that has been quarantined, and there will be new gear up for grabs.

Outbreak takes the form of a four-week event that is available to all players. Here's how Ubisoft sets up the backstory of what's going on: "An infestation of unknown origin is attacking the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The danger is so high that the authorities quarantined the entire town, trapping civilians and soldiers inside. Very little information is filtering out, but the only certainty is that the situation is dire."

This is the culmination of an ARG that has been going on recently, which hinted at new content and what sounded like a mode that would involve zombies. Unfortunately, there's still little information about what you'll actually be doing, but Ubisoft says players "will be able to team up with two of their friends to take on a mysterious threat."

As you'd expect, new cosmetic items will be available in conjunction with the event. A total of 50 unique items will be available through new Outbreak packs, none of which will impact gameplay. Outbreak packs will be sold for 300 R6 Credits, though "a few other Outbreak rewards will be available through gameplay." You'll get your hands on these through "other criteria to be disclosed at a later date." Just by logging in during the event, you'll get four free Outbreak packs.

There won't be any duplicates when opening packs; Ubisoft says that if you get 50 packs, you'll get all 50 items. These include a new Elite uniform (a non-Outbreak version of which will be available for sale separately), universal weapon skins, headgear, charms, and more. New cosmetic gear will be available for these Operators, which include the first two being released as part of Siege's Year 3 of content:

  • Two Chimera Operators
  • Smoke
  • Ying
  • Buck
  • Kapkan
  • Hibana
  • Zofia
  • Fuze
  • Ash
  • Doc
  • Thermite
  • Tachanka
  • Glaz

Outbreak will launch alongside the first big update of Year 3's first season, which does not yet have an exact date. Ubisoft has also announced newly revised editions of the game that will soon be available for sale, including one--the Advanced edition--that includes 10 additional Outbreak packs as a bonus.

Source: GameSpot