Rainbow Six Siege's big Operation Para Bellum update is right around the corner, and now some players are able to try it out a little early. Ahead of its release next month, Ubisoft has deployed the Para Bellum update on Siege's test server, giving PC players a chance to test out its new features before the patch officially arrives in the live game.

Among other things, Operation Para Bellum introduces two new Operators to the game: Alibi and Maestro. Both of the characters are Defenders and hail from the Italian counterterrorism unit, the Gruppo di Intervento Speciale. Alibi is able to deploy holographic decoys to distract opponents, while Maestro can lay down a bulletproof turret that can fire laser-powered rounds and see through smoke.

Arriving alongside the Operators is a new map called Villa--a luxurious mansion located in the Italian countryside. Villa marks the 20th map to arrive in Rainbow Six Siege and is described by Ubisoft as the game's "most tactical map to date." The villa is the property of the Vinciguerra crime family and features "wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches."

Beyond the new content, Operation Para Bellum introduces a Pick & Ban system, which Ubisoft says "will be revolutionizing the selection process of Operators." The system will be available in custom games and allows players to counteract opponents by banning certain Operators from play. The developer is also "buffing" the Clubhouse map and giving several Operators the bulletproof camera as a secondary gadget.

Additionally, Ubisoft has made a number of balance improvements, all of which are outlined in the patch notes on the Siege website. Most notably, Echo has gotten a second Yokai drone and other buffs, while the speed of 1- and 3-speed Operators has been adjusted. Ubisoft has also added new Para Bellum weapon skins to unlock and made an assortment of other gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

Source: GameSpot