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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dust Line

The second major update listed for Rainbow Six Siege has finally been revealed. Scheduled for release sometime early next month, Operation Dust...
  1. God
    The second major update listed for Rainbow Six Siege has finally had a few details about it revealed. Scheduled for release sometime early next month and rumored to take place in the Middle East, Operation Dust Line has been confirmed to contain two new operators from a United States Navy SEAL counter-terrorism unit. Each operator will have specific skills that make them suitable for assault and defensive tactics. Valkyrie, the first operator, wields the power will be suited for defense, and will have the ability to deploy sticky cameras that will enable her to properly relay enemy positions to the rest of her team. Residing on the attacker side is Blackbeard, pre-equipped with a rifle and a shield, this will be the operator you’ll want taking point when breaching rooms.


    With the release of Operation Dust Line, this leaves only two more major updates that Ubisoft has planned to release for Rainbow Six Siege for this year. The previous update, Operation Black Ice, came with 2 new operators along with a new map, so it’s safe to say Operation Dust Line along with the other two updates will be shipping out with new maps as well. On May 7th you can check out the PC Rainbow Six Pro League Finals to receive some extra information about the two new operators, along with all of the additional unrevealed content that will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege in the Operation Dust Line update.

    If you currently have access to the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass you’ll have access to the new operators beginning on May 9th. Rainbow Six Siege is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming update in the comments below!


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  1. Skepta
  2. 3xTiNcT
    Still haven't played this game. Sounds like a good update though.
  3. Salus
    God have you ever played R6 siege?
  4. pvris
    Maps are free and the people are going to be 25k again? And btw they only made one new made in the first dlc..