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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid coming out this month


Looks like Rainbow Six Siege is getting more operators and content heading out to gamers this month!​

They gave out Operation Health first due to some much needed fixes, but since all the proper upgrades that were needed have been implemented, it's back to core gameplay. The new operation featuring all new operators, and a new map is being released this month after a long wait.

This new operation was teased in the Rainbow Six Pro League finals video. It showcased a small animation of the picture above, as well as a short clip featuring one of the new female operators.

The new Operation Blood Orchid map will be available for free to all players on August 29, and operators to Season Pass owners. Without a Season Pass you will need to wait a until September 5 to gain access to the new operators via renown. The Twitter post below states the dates.

There will be 3 new operators in total, two from Hong Kong, and one from Poland. The rest of the Poland operators will be released in season four. This new map will be set within an abandoned theme park, that appears to not be very well maintained.

With little on this update, expect a hefty reveal during the finals at Gamescom. Are you ready for this update? Do you own the Season Pass? If you do let me know in the comment sections below and start brewing up some discussion down there!

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