If you haven't yet picked up Rainbow Six Siege, this weekend will present you with an opportunity to try it out for free on both PC and PS4. With its next free expansion arriving in a week, Ubisoft has announced it will make the game available for free on both platforms from November 11-13. This marks the first time PS4 owners will have the chance to try it for free; previous free events have been available on both PC and Xbox One (which is not included this time around).

This is the full version of Siege that will be available. These types of promotions are typically accompanied by sales on the game in question, though Ubisoft didn't mention if that would be the case here. We've followed up with the company to find out more. If you're patient, we do know you'll be able to pick up Siege for $15 on Black Friday at places like Walmart and Target.

Ubisoft continues to tout that Siege is doing well. Today's announcement claims there are more people playing now than there were at launch. Meanwhile, Ubisoft is set to fully reveal the game's Red Crow update this weekend, followed by a launch on November 17.

Source: GameSpot