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Rainbow Six: Siege Getting a PC-Exclusive Alpha


Many gamers, especially those on PC, have been very displeased with the quality of recent Ubisoft games. After numerous unsuccessful launches, gamers have lost faith in any title that is being published by Ubisoft. Fortunately, it sounds like Ubisoft may be taking a different approach to Rainbow Six: Siege that will benefit PC gamers.

Earlier today, the Rainbow Six: Siege alpha was announced. The alpha will be closed, but applications are available for anyone with a Ubisoft account. The catch is that the alpha will only be on PC. In an FAQ, Ubisoft stated,“PC is the lead development platform and we feel that it's natural to start by testing the game on this platform.”

For the past couple of releases, it seemed like Ubisoft was putting PC on the back burner. With their new focus on the PC, it’s possible that we could finally get a well performing game from them. Considering an AMD 7970, GTX 670, or better is required for the alpha, it looks like Siege will take advantage of powerful computers, but also be able to run on older hardware.

Making PC the lead platform is an interesting move for Ubisoft and raises a lot of questions. Are they focusing on the PC to compete with Counter Strike? Will they start taking PC gaming seriously? Only time can answer these questions, but hopefully we can find out more once the alpha goes live. If you want to sign up for the alpha, you can use your uPlay account to register here.

Thanks to Selena Gomez for the heads up.
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