Rainbow Six Siege's next downloadable content will be Burnt Horizon, a set of operators and environments that pay homage to the continent of Australia. It accompanied the announcement with a short teaser that shows the Outback Map.

According to the announcement, the new DLC will include two new operators: one attacker and one defender. How exactly they'll function is left a bit of a mystery, though. The two are said to be old friends from the SASR, and they're described as stoic and quick-witted, respectively. The overview of the map shows a dusty, isolated area of the red desert. As usual, the new map will be released for free, and season pass holders will get the two new operators right away. Everyone else will have to wait an extra week and then grind for in-game currency to unlock them.

More details on the operators and the new map will be coming during the Six Invitational tournament in Montreal on February 17. It will be aired on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel.

Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015 with generally positive reviews, but Ubisoft has kept it going long after launch. It has been regularly adding new operators and maps, along with lots of regular rebalancing. The live game model has paid off for the studio, even earning it a spot among the 2018 Steam Awards in the "Better With Friends" category.

Source: GameSpot