Today, the South Korean mobile game publisher Netmarble Games, have announced their latest game for iOS and Android. The new game is titled Quickboy, and it's set in a steampunk world. You'll be playing as Tommy Hawk, a delivery boy on a mission to save the world from a zombie threat. You'll face many dangerous environments and challenges, along with zombies of course. Players will have their hands full not only with delivery packages, but the task to save the world and themselves. The game will be presented in a comic book format with a twist on the tradition platformer style. With bloodthirsty zombies lurking around every corner, you'll need to run, jump, slide, and even take flight to survive in a world that is falling apart around you.

aims to deliver fast-paced action along with a deep storyline. There are over 40 items and characters to unlock in the post-apocalyptic world. You'll have access to items such as pet drones, jet packs, and more to aid Tommy on his mission. As you gain experience and coins, you'll gain the option to choose from many different characters. Each one will come with their own style, and it's up to you to evolve them. The Quickboy team consists of Tommy, Lily, Nick, and more. Each member will have their own unique special abilities that will assist you in completing deliveries. Some of the abilities include increasing flight time on Jetpacks by 10%, reducing the cooldown on your Drones' special abilities by 10%, or increasing the duration of Riot Shield use by 10%. Whatever your task may be, make sure you have the right member selected to get the job done.


Moving towards the gameplay, your goal will be to rescue your friends before the zombies get to them. Jumping on their heads will earn you additional bonus points, while stomping on multiple zombies consecutively will earn you more points, and higher combo scores. If you don't feel like going the Mario route, wielding a riot shield will allow you to mow down zombies easily. Additionally, Jetpacks will allow you to use bonus abilities and skills for a brief period of time. Certain Jetpacks will allow you to fly horizontally, while others will allow you to reach new vertical heights. There will be certain treasures hidden in hard-to-reach places, and Jetpacks will allow you to reach them. Upgrading your Jetpack will extend the duration of your flight time, or you can also unlock more by increasing your player level or purchasing upgrades with gems.

There are many additional gameplay features Quickboy offers to keep gamers interested. Earning the right amount of stars for each Phase will allow you to unlock extra Enhancements. These will allow you to use special bonuses such as temporary invisibility or double points for killing zombies. You can use coins to purchase upgrades for additional perks, such as increasing the amount of points you get from collecting parts, reducing the cooldown timer on certain abilities, additional lives, as well as a plethora of other uses. When you're on the move, you'll be able to collect different machine parts which can be used to enhance your Drones, allowing you to complete missions easily. You'll need to use parts and spend your hard earned coins to craft additional Drones. Completed Drones can provide you with bonus coins, pars, batteries, and random items.


On the bonus side of things, you'll be able to practice your dart skill once a day at the Daily Roulette to earn extra rewards. You can earn hearts, coins, or gems, while connecting to Facebook will allow you a bonus throw per day. Completing Daily Events will earn you gems, XP, coins, and many more special perks. As long as you achieve a specific combo count, collect different spare parts, or participate in daily challenges. These will refresh every 24 hours, so you'll have to attempt them as soon as you notice them. If you want to compete against your friends, or maybe a sworn rival, you can! Quickboy comes with a World Challenge mode, giving you the opportunity to use every Drone, Jetpack, and other weapons you have in your arsenal to take on opponents across the globe. Travel as far as possible without losing all of your health, and the rewards you'll earn from making it to the top of the leaderboard will be phenomenal. Quickboy is now currently available for download on Android and iOS devices.