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Putting a human cost on the iPad


Apple is one of the largest technology producers in the world. Known for its great and reliable products, along with its great customer support, why wouldn't you purchase a product from Apple? Have you thought about how the company treats their employees who make the actual products?

Apple, who reported $13 billion in profits last week, has been plagued by reports of long hours, unsafe working conditions and physical punishment towards their employees in factories that make parts for Apple's popular devices. Many have been killed and a handful has been killed from explosions in the factory along with other accidents at the plants.

Last year, within a seven month time span, two explosions at iPad factories in China, including the Chengdu location, killed four and injured 77 people, according to the New York Times. This leads me ask: is it wrong to purchase an iPad? Or even an Apple product for that matter?

Money will be lost as a result, but in reality it will not affect Apple after a period of time due to the fact that it is a huge company and it's growing every minute. Another key factor within this matter is that clothing brands such as Adidas and Nike are most likely doing the same and running Asian sweat factories. I personally will be refusing to buy Apple products, but the laws are strictly against slave labour yet the government and the people acknowledge it, but refuse to take part in any event to stop this sad fact.

Submitted by Dazee
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Kickstarted the Writers team back in October 2011 alongside veteran OctaVariuM, a close friend of mine. I loved writing news articles, and the occasional editorial and review. Although my priorities now lie with the administration team, I'm always willing to set some time aside to write an article or two.


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