In a strange twist of fate, PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds is borrowing from the game that borrowed from it. The team behind PUBG just added a Fortnite-esque mode to its roster: event mode. It's available to play right now on PC.

The first of these events is not too different from public matches, as it allows for players to play in eight-person teams. The catch here is that rifle drop rates are doubled, and the mode itself is only available for a limited time.

The mode is still very much in its infancy, noted by its very simple first iteration. In a post on Steam, the dev team noted that the simplicity is meant to "test out the basics." But don't mistake the new mode for a preset custom settings--event mode will have new content and is intended to be a place for experimentation.

Please keep in mind that the first iteration will only feature TPP on Erangel to ensure effective matchmaking," reads the message. "Anyone who owns a copy of PUBG can enjoy the Event Mode. To play in the Event Mode, please use the relevant UI in the bottom left of the main menu.

This week's PUBG event mode will end March 25 at 7 PM PDT and March 26 at 3 AM CET / 11 AM KST. As of right now, event mode has not yet been confirmed for consoles.

Source: GameSpot