The first of several test sessions in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One for the Miramar desert map did not go smoothly. There were a wide variety of technical issues that prevented the map from being played, though developer PUBG Corp. says those have now been resolved. To make up for the problems, it's now extended the test's availability.

Server and matchmaking issues began occurring as soon as the first test period began on Wednesday evening (US time). PUBG Corp. took servers offline for a period of time to address the matters, and they remained down for more than seven hours. As of this writing, the servers are back online, and this test period has been extended and will run until 11 PM PT tonight, April 26 (2 AM ET / 7 AM BST). As detailed on PUBG's forums, you can see the updated test schedule below.

PUBG Xbox One Miramar Test Schedule
  • North America
    • April 26: now - 11 PM PT (2 AM ET on April 27)
    • April 27: 5 PM PT - 11 PM (8 PM ET - 2 AM)
    • April 28-29: 11 AM PT - 11 PM (2 PM ET - 2 AM)
  • Europe
    • April 27: now - 8 AM CEST
    • April 28: 2 AM CEST - 8 AM (1 AM BST - 7 AM)
    • April 28-29: 8 PM CEST - 8 AM (7 PM BST - 7 AM)
This test is the first appearance of the Miramar map on Xbox One. As it stands, the Xbox One version only features a single map, Erangel, with a third map (Codename: Savage) in the midst of testing on PC. Miramar is only accessible on Xbox One through a special test client, which is a separate download on the Xbox Store from the PUBG game itself. It's available for anyone who owns PUBG on the system. Miramar is expected to launch for everyone in May.

Players who take part in the test have been warned that there could be problems--PUBG Corp. said "some aspects may not function as expected." Only North American servers are offered for the test, and third-person is the only perspective available.

Source: GameSpot