PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' newest update just dropped on PC. Update #15 includes the game's third map, Sanhok, as well as a new firearm, an event pass, and a Mini Royale matchmaking playlist.

Sanhok is the smallest map to come to PUBG. At 4km x 4km, it's only a fourth the size of the two previous battlefields. Despite its smaller size, the map still features 100 players. The blue zone on Sanhok also behaves differently. It checks how many players are left before adjusting both the wait and travel time. The circle size itself doesn't change, but the zone will ensure no players get a major advantage.

Sanhok features six major locations. Underground caves hide archaeological sites and massive amounts of loot. They can be reached by boat or via parachuting through the open top. Ruins offer claustrophobic close quarters combat for any players willing to be sneaky. Snipers will enjoy posting up at the Paradise Resort, but the building's corridors offer opportunities for shredding enemies with shotguns and SMGs. The Training Center, Quarry, and Docks are all open battlefields that hide less valuable weapons and items.

The SCAR-L is being replaced by a new weapon on Sanhok: the QBZ95. This assault rifle takes 5.56 rounds and holds 30 shots a magazine. You'll want to find a silencer for the QBZ as this gun is loud. It has a fast fire rate though, so it tears through the competition.

PUBG on PC will now have two separate matchmaking playlists. The first, Battle Royale, will contain the old Erangel and Miramar maps. For anyone who wants something a little smaller, they can play on Sanhok in the Mini Royale playlist. Players can also select both playlists at once if they want to randomly drop into any of the three maps.

Plenty of improvements to the UI and sound are also in PUBG's new update. There are quite a few bug fixes as well:
  • Fixed an issue where characters got stuck in certain areas of Erangel and Miramar
  • Removed a few objects from Erangel and Miramar which obstructed movement
  • Fixed an issue where certain plants in Miramar were floating above the ground
  • Fixed an issue where the sound when using an adrenaline syringe was longer than the associated animation
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Mirado from taking damage from grenades.
  • Fixed an issue where players inside vehicles didn't take damage from unarmed melee attacks
  • Fixed an issue where grenade status effects (flash, burning) would sometimes not disappear after their intended duration.
  • Fixed an issue with pistol recoil animations not being played correctly in ADS after exiting a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the sidecar's wheel were missing when the tire was destroyed.
  • Improved the vaulting interaction between some objects and windows.
  • Fixed an issue when spectating or watching replays where parts of weapons would disappear in certain situations (only weapons with high scope-mounting positions).
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a weapon immediately after firing abruptly stopped the sound effect.

Source: GameSpot