Shortly after it began, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds's latest limited-time event, War Mode, has been shut down. Developer PUBG Corp. announced on Twitter that it had to end this weekend's special event early, as it was causing the game's recent server issues.

War Mode kicked off last night, May 3, and soon afterward, PUBG began to suffer from server instability. Earlier today, PUBG Corp. had to take the game offline for an hour to perform emergency maintenance; during the process, the developer discovered that the instability was a result of War Mode, and the event was subsequently shut down.

"Unfortunately, we've had to prematurely end this week's event mode, as it was found to be the cause of recent server instability," PUBG Corp. said. "Our engineers are working hard to ensure this problem doesn't occur in the future."

War Mode is essentially PUBG's version of Team Deathmatch. This instance of it pit 10 teams of five players against each other on Miramar, with the object being to be the first team to reach 200 points by killing and knocking down other players. Unlike a typical game of battle royale, players can respawn in War Mode, and the action is confined to a small, static safe zone.

War Mode was originally slated to run through May 6. PUBG Corp. hasn't yet said if and when the mode will return again to the rotation. It began soon after the release of PUBG's latest update, which introduced a new weapon (the SLR), another vehicle for Miramar, and a variety of new attachments and weapon balance changes.

Source: GameSpot