PUBG's new map, Codename: Savage, is back for another round of testing. Following an earlier run on the experimental test server, developer PUBG Corp. has made a number of changes, some of them significant. Here's exactly what's changed from our first experience with PUBG's third map.

For starters, the map is now denser, as three new areas have been added. The middle of the island is now home to Banyan Grove and Abandoned Quarry, while the southeastern section now has Dock, where you'll find a giant crane and two large ships. You can see these areas in the images below.

Meanwhile, the redzone will now be smaller and last for less time, while the bluezone will now vary depending on how many players are left. Specifics weren't shared, but the patch notes on Steam state that a "new feature enables the bluezone to calculate and adjust its waiting time based on the number of players left alive."


Boats will spawn less often around the map, but towns near the sea will see them show up more consistently. Grenades, on the other hand, will spawn more frequently, while a variety of other, smaller (but nonetheless appreciated) fixes have been implemented. Issues with footsteps' sound effects are resolved, and weather now changes in real-time, rather than once per match.

Savage's second testing window runs from April 16-18 and requires a key; here's how to get access. PUBG Corp. says the new map "won't be ready for a full release for a few more months," but we'll continue to see these brief testing periods in the interim.

Source: GameSpot