Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is a confirmed, breakaway hit, and the shooter continues to pick up steam. It has now hit a major milestone, surpassing 10 million copies sold on PC. Today's announcement suggests game sales are really speeding up; at Gamescom in August, its creator Brendan Greene revealed the game had sold 8 million copies at that point.

PUBG has hit another milestone, too. On August 27, for the first time, it became the biggest game on Steam in terms of concurrent players, temporarily surpassing Dota 2. PUBG is now far outpacing Dota 2--today, its peak player count was over 962,000, compared with 723,000 for Dota 2. That still isn't an all-time record, as Dota 2 has topped 1 million before, but PUBG may get there yet.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is still in Early Access, and its success is likely to just keep growing. Developer Bluehole intends to release an Xbox One version in "late 2017," with Microsoft as its publisher. Despite the Microsoft announcement, developer Bluehole has suggested it may come to other consoles too (although it's not talking specifics at this time).

Bluehole continues to release new content for the game's PC version. We recently got confirmation that PUBG's desert map will be huge. The map's release is still a long way off, but you can get an early idea of what it looks like in this image here.

Source: GameSpot