A new update is on the way for the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Unlike the last few patches, PUBG Corp. has rolled out for the title, which generally focused on introducing new content like the recently added assault rifle QBU, Update #19 primarily addresses bugs and makes various other quality-of-life improvements to the battle royale game.

In terms of the latter, PUBG Corp. has made some tweaks to inventory management, specifically in regards to weapon attachments. Following the update, removed or replaced attachments will drop onto the floor if a player's inventory is full. Players will also be able to detach all attachments by pressing Alt while right-clicking on a weapon.

Beyond that, PUBG Corp. has also made various improvements to the Erangel and Miramar maps. On the former, the developer has added clusters of houses to some areas of the map, while the landscape near the river has been redesigned to be more "tactical." On the latter, PUGB Corp. has added more dirt roads and lowered some high-sloped sections in order to make vehicles more efficient.



Another major change Update #19 makes to the aforementioned two maps is dynamic weather effects. Players on Erangel can now experience "overcast" weather; if you enter a game and the sky is cloudy, then the weather will change from rain, fog, and other conditions while you play. Overcast weather can also appear on Miramar, and players can now also play on the desert map at sunset. PUBG Corp. notes that most matches will feature sunny weather with no changes.

Other notable changes in the new patch include the ability to place markers without having to open the map. The bullet penetration system has also been applied to arms and hands. Bullets can now pass through these appendages and strike whatever is behind them, and the amount of damage it causes will depend on how vulnerable that body part is; for example, if a bullet passes through a player's arm and hits their head, it will count as a headshot.

You can see a portion of the patch notes below; the full patch notes for PUBG's new update are available on Steam. The update is currently available on the game's test server. PUBG Corp. hasn't provided a timetable for when it will apply the changes to the live game, but the update should be rolling out to all players soon.

PUBG PC Update #19 Patch Notes

  • Bullet penetration system is now applied to arms and hands.
    • When the bullet hits the arm/hand of the character, it will penetrate following its ballistic curve. The result will be different depending on whether the arm/hand is blocking more vulnerable body parts.
      • When a bullet penetrates a arm/hand and strikes a more vulnerable body part behind it, the greater damage will be applied. In other words, if a player’s arm/hand takes a bullet while blocking their head, the full headshot damage will be applied. This penetration system works for the head, torso, and waist only.
      • If a bullet penetrates the arm/hand, but no vulnerable body part is behind it, only the arm/hand damage will be applied
    • Arm/hand penetration is disabled for shotguns
    • Bullet penetration is not applied to legs.
  • When exiting vehicles while pressing the sprint key, sprint now remains engaged. This way you won’t have to release and press the button again to start sprinting.
  • If a teammate disconnects but is still alive in the game, other teammates couldn't see the game reward (result) screen after all other teammates died. Now players can check even if there are disconnected players in their team.
    • If a disconnected teammate reconnects the game, and finishes the game with better result, teammates will receive any additional rewards earned by that player.
    • To prevent abuse, other teammates cannot see the Deathcam until all players, including the disconnected player, have died.
  • Dropping items in stacks has been improved.
    • Quantity can now be adjusted using a slider.
    • Alt key + left mouse button immediately drops the full stack.
    • Alt key + right mouse button now drops half the stack.
  • Weapon attachment management when replacing items has been improved.
    • Removed or replaced attachments will now drop onto the floor if there is no room in your inventory.
    • When attaching directly from loot, the replaced attachment will be dropped on the floor if there is no room in your inventory.
    • When replacing an extended magazine with a quickdraw magazine, the extended magazine and overflow ammunition will be dropped on the floor.
    • When detaching an attachment by right-clicking, the attachment will be dropped on the floor if there is no room in your inventory.
    • Pressing Alt while right-clicking a weapon now detaches all attachments on that weapon.
      • Attachments will be sent to the inventory or dropped on the floor if inventory is full.
  • Players may now mute individual teammates.(ESC > Options > Team Management Tab)

  • Dynamic weather has been added to Erangel and Miramar.
    • Erangel: Overcast
    • Miramar: Overcast, Sunset
      • Overcast setting includes dynamic weather, and includes rain, fog, etc. during the game.
  • Erangel has received some improvements.
    • Small clusters of houses have been added to some areas of Erangel.
    • More tactical landscapes have been added near the river.

Source: GameSpot