A new patch is available now for the PC edition of PUBG. This is not the biggest or most significant of patches following the 1.0 release in December, but it does include some notable changes and fixes. Starting off, it includes a client optimisation that should improved general performance when a lot of players are in the same area simultaneously. If players are bunched up like this, you can expect there would be a big firefight, so it's good to know performance should now be better in such an important time in your gameplay session.

There are also two bug fixes included with the new PUBG PC patch, the first of which fixes an issue where your character could be "instantly stopped and adjusted." The second fix is for a problem where the way your character moved during a replay seemed off. These are minor but welcome changes, and it's good to see developer PUBG Corp. continue to release updates to address the feedback fans have been sending in.

In the developer's blog post announcing this patch, the studio also said it hopes to provide an update on what's next for PUBG in the near future. That's all PUBG Corp. had to say on the matter; we will report back when those details are announced.

PUBG is also available in early access on Xbox One. Despite not running as well on the console, the game recently surpassed 3 million players. The Xbox One version also received a new update recently that fixed bugs and made other performance improvements. Another update added extra control options and more.

PUBG PC Patch Notes:

Client Optimization
  • Reduced lowered performance issue when many players were in the same area

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where character movement was instantly stopped and adjusted
  • Fixed the issue where character movement seemed unusual during the replay

Source: GameSpot