Here's some good news for anyone who hasn't played PUBG yet. You can buy PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Xbox One on Newegg right now for $20, using promo code EMCPTRV56 at checkout. That's $10 (or 33%) off the suggested retail price.

PUBG is a battle royale game that has 100 players parachute onto a sprawling map, to scavenge for loot and fight until only one player or team is left alive. The winner's reward is one of the sweetest victories possible in the current gaming landscape: a screen that says, "Winner winner chicken dinner!" That's the only trophy you need.

In GameSpot's PUBG review, Michael Higham wrote, "Each phase of a match presents a different type of tension that is equal parts thrilling and terrifying, driven by the insatiable desire to be the last person (or squad) standing. Whether you play solo or in a group, successfully executing adaptive tactics to win intense, high-stakes firefights make for an incredibly rewarding experience. Every player has unique stories of their most memorable matches, and even after hundreds of hours, PUBG continues to inspire rousing tales of victory and defeat."

PUBG on Xbox One is in the early access game preview program. As such, it's a constantly-evolving game, with frequent updates and plans to add significant expansions in the future. Its development cycle runs behind the PC version, so it doesn't have all the same content yet.

In any case, whether you've been enjoying Fortnite and want to try the other battle royale game in town, or you're simply curious to see what all the fuss is about, this is the best deal on PUBG you're likely to find any time soon.

Source: GameSpot