The massively popular PUBG is adding a new desert map, but that's not all. A retro-looking pickup truck is also being added to PUBG, and it'll be exclusive to the new map.

An image of this new vehicle was shared on Twitter by the game's official account. The image also shows off more of the map, which looks pretty desolate; take a look:

PUBG currently has one map, and it's a sprawling, lush environment. The new desert map is going to be significantly different--and that's pretty exciting to think about.

There is no word as of yet regarding when the desert map will become available, but it'll likely be after PUBG officially launches on PC in late December. PUBG is also slated to be released on Xbox One in Early Access on December 12.

For lots more on PUBG's new desert map, you can check out five screenshots here. The first live gameplay demonstration for the map will happen during The Game Awards this Thursday, December 7.

Source: GameSpot