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PSN NA Flash Sale; Get Up To 80% Off

Sony has launched an all new Flash Sale that will be going on from now until June 27, with some games up to 80% off. There are a variety of titles...
  1. Zero
    Sony has launched an all new Flash Sale that will be going on from now until June 27, with some games up to 80% off. There are a variety of titles available, from Mad Max to Batman: Arkham Knight, and many titles in between. No one is getting left out this time around as there will be games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PSP, and PS Vita that anyone and everyone will be able to take advantage of.

    PS4 players can purchase games such as Mad Max, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Lego: Jurassic World for as low as $15.99. PS3 players will be able to get games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Walking Dead: Season Two, and more for prices under $5.00. As mentioned before, PSP and Vita users aren't left out either, as they will be able to get their hands on The Wolf Among Us, Muramusa Rebirth, and Towerfall Ascension all under $7.50.

    Also included with many titles is the Cross-Buy feature, allowing players to buy the game once and play it on multiple consoles. There are more and more games receiving the Cross-Buy feature and a handful made their way to the Flash Sale, such as The Swindle, Race the Sun, and Extreme Exorcism, all of which allows three-way play on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita.

    You can view a full list of items on sale here. The sale ends Monday, June 27. Do you like the selection for this sale? Any games that catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Those aren't even worth it and it's over now. :speechless:
  2. AlienFreek01
    Games no one really cares about... Nice!
  3. Ryan
    There's nothing advertised in the Deals & Offers in the PS Store on my Console, I guess not anyone and everyone is able to take advantage. I guess it must be a US only deal.
      Zero likes this.
    1. Zero
      I just read over a few news sites, it is NA only. Thanks for letting me know and sorry it isn't working for you guys.
      Ryan likes this.
    2. Zero
      Also went ahead and updated the title to avoid any future confusion. :smile:
      Ryan likes this.
  4. Zelkaar
    These sales make me wish I had money even more than overdue bills do.
      Zero likes this.
    1. Zero
      I feel like they're rather lackluster titles compared to the Steam Sale.
      Zelkaar likes this.
    2. Zelkaar
      Eh, true, but Muramasa Rebirth and Child of Light Ultimate look good.
      Zero likes this.
    3. Zero
      Zelkaar likes this.