The Tomorrow Children developer Q-Games announced that its Soviet-themed survival game is going free-to-play today. It originally launched on September 6th with the intention of going free later and charged customers $20 for a "Founder's pack" and access to the game.

Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert wrote on the PlayStation Blog that any player who logs in between October 26th and November 2nd will receive a free costume. Additionally, the developer will still offer a $20 package. The Frontier pack includes everything that was in the Founder's pack except for the Miner Gear costume. PlayStation Plus subscribers get an additional exclusive costume, but it's not confirmed to be the aforementioned costume. You can see the full list of the contents below.

Frontier Pack contents

  • Bourgeoisie papers
  • Level 1 Arms License
  • Level 1 Tools License
  • EagleCorp Jetpack
  • Three avatars
  • 500 Freeman dollars
  • PS Plus-exclusive costume

Cuthbert revealed that a major update has released as well. It addresses user feedback and adds new content, such as islands, tools, costumes, and more. One item he pointed out specifically was the megaphone, which "allows for improved communication and will help players cooperate better."

In GameSpot's review, The Tomorrow Children scored a 3/10. Critic Scott Butterworth said, "The resource gathering is tedious, the crafting is superficial, town management is convoluted, microtransactions are practically inescapable, and the world is unwelcoming and empty. In short: The individual components aren't enjoyable, and they don't contribute to anything bigger. There is no payoff. There is no point."

Source: GameSpot