A new DLC expansion is now available for the PS4 version of Dirt Rally that adds PlayStation VR support, among other things.

Unlike many of the VR updates that have been released for other pre-PSVR games, this one makes the entire game playable in virtual reality, not just a single mode. However, it does come at a cost: The DLC pack will run you $13.

In addition to playing the existing content in VR, the VR DLC introduces a new co-op mode. This sees one player playing with PSVR while another plays along on the screen, serving as the co-driver. Those with a PS4 Pro will see unspecified visual enhancements when playing with PSVR. This is exclusive to the VR mode--playing the standard game on a Pro won't be any different than before.

Dirt Rally is currently discounted on the PlayStation Store to $30 (or $24 if you're a PlayStation Plus member). If you're looking to pick up both the game and the new VR DLC, there's also a $70 bundle that's currently on sale for $43 ($37 with Plus). This includes the base game, the VR DLC, and three other DLC packs that cost $2 a piece on their own. Those each provide access to an upgraded version of a car with a special design.

For those looking forward to the next game in the series, Codemasters recently unveiled Dirt 4.

Source: GameSpot