PS4 Trophies Revealed for Final Fantasy VII

Fans of the genre-defining RPG series Final Fantasy have been eagerly awaiting a remastered Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII, a fan favorite...
  1. Feyfolken
    Final Fantasy is a titan in the gaming industry, even outside of the RPG genre. It is one of the highest grossing video game franchises of all-time and many other RPGs have been inspired by the games since the first Final Fantasy was released in 1987. Although developer and publisher Square Enix will soon be releasing the fifteenth main entry in the series, there is still debate over which game has been their best. For many, Final Fantasy VII became known as the pinnacle of the series after it was released in 1997. With other games in the series getting remakes/remasters, namely Final Fantasy X, fans began wondering if Final Fantasy VII would ever see a return on newer consoles. They finally got their wish when Square Enix announced that they are working on a remake, due sometime in the distant future.

    Official news regarding Final Fantasy VII's remake has been all but nonexistent since it was confirmed at E3 back in June of this year. Those following the game's development can whet their appetite with the trophy list of the game being revealed.

    From these trophies, fans can infer quite a bit about what the game could be like. For example, Square Enix plans to reward players for reaching the max level as well as capping out on Gil. Also shown are the many limit breaks that players can unlock for their characters, such as Cloud's iconic Omnislash or Tifa's Final Heaven. Players can even receive a trophy for going on a date with Barrett.

    Although Final Fantasy VII's remake won't be around for awhile, those that have been looking forward to its announcement and its eventual release can take comfort in the fact that it is finally happening. These trophies are certainly a tease, but at least Final Fantasy fans will be able to relive their time playing Final Fantasy VII as they collect all of the game's trophies.


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  1. DDA85
    I just wanted to share what I kept ahold of, my dad bought it for me the day it came out.
  2. Absim
    Platinum trophy here I come.
  3. Kayla Fox
    Oh my god... Why am I actually excited for this? I hope this game will be awesome and have a actually Final Boss! This maybe the second Final Fantasy game I will love, But great article otherwise!
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    1. 7Sins Dweller
      It shall surpass the original, hopefully lol.
  4. DragonBoi79
    oh wow i spend all my life waiting for this FF7 but it one fav game all time but i hope it look good and better so i can't wait for it, So i hoping if they bring FF8 too
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  5. SaraPwns
    OMG been waiting years for this and they are slowly bringing out more info, thank the great Lord cloud <3
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  6. 7Sins Dweller
    Brilliant article.

    As a Final Fantasy VII fan, I'm really excited about the remake and I will definitely be trying my hardest to aquire all the trophies.

    It's quite interesting looking at the trophies as they give you a good idea that some things are remaining intact such as Cloud cross dressing.

    Thanks for this article Feyfolken
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  7. televisedfool
    I can't wait to play through this magnificent gem again. :smile:

    And then it's a waiting game for the remake. :cigar:
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