A new update was recently released for The Last of Us Remastered. While its patch notes on the system don't go into any specifics, it makes some changes when playing on a PS4 Pro. The end result is positive if you're playing on a 4K TV, but maybe not so positive for 1080p players.

Back in November, Digital Foundry reported that some games were running worse on the Pro than the standard PS4. Among the culprits was The Last of Us, which saw improved visual quality on Pro at the expense of framerate dips not present when playing on a PS4. Worse yet, there was no way to choose to optimize the framerate.

Official word on what the latest patch, update 1.08, does exactly has been hard to come by. Some details have since been shared in a Naughty Dog forum post. According to that, when played on a 1080p screen, the game will now render at 1080p natively and offer high-quality shadows. Previously, supersampling--the process of rendering at a higher resolution and then downscaling, in this case to 1080p--had been used to offer improved visual quality, but with low-quality shadows. That's no longer an option, and if it's something you wish to continue using, you should avoid downloading update 1.08.

A new report from Digital Foundry questions the omission, as it's not as if there were performance issues on update 1.07 when playing with supersampling on a 1080p display at 30 FPS. Unfortunate as that might be, 1080p users (or 4K TV owners who set their console to output 1080p) can now play the game in a 60 FPS mode that maintains a very stable framerate. You get high-quality shadows this way, but visual glitches have been reported where certain shadows simply disappear.

On the 4K side, the 60 FPS mode's performance has been improved. While it's not a locked 60--you'll want to play at 1080p if that's what you're looking for--it is better than what was seen with patch 1.07. Overall, Digital Foundry says performance on a Pro in this mode is an improvement over playing the game on a standard PS4, and you get a nicer-looking version of the game to boot.

For a more in-depth analysis, you can check out the video above and Digital Foundry's full report. The outlet also recently reported on some quirks involving the Pro version of The Last Guardian, which you can check out here.

Source: GameSpot