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PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim Revealed

Sony has unveiled the PS4 Pro, a more muscular and capable version of the PS4. 4K HDR video output, anyone? Here's your machine. Also announced: a...
  1. Dito

    In announcing their two new Playstation 4 models on September 7, Sony displayed stunning ignorance of one the fundamental laws of technology public relations: Do not announce your new products on the same day Apple introduces a new iPhone. There's only so much room in the tech press for a given day, and new iPhones will win every time.

    Despite that, the two new consoles Sony unveiled are indeed newsworthy and deserving of your attention.

    First up is the new Playstation Pro, perhaps better known by its rumored name, Neo. With the Pro, Sony has taken the standard PS4 and given it a solid boost in performance. The new machine boasts 4K resolution and full HDR output, to accompany the latest generation of HDTV units.

    In terms of raw performance, the new Pro is estimated to be about twice as powerful as the standard PS4. Under the hood is a custom 8-core AMD CPU and 8GB of RAM. Most impressive is the new GPU, another custom AMD chip capable of 8 TFLOPS worth of power, up from the original 1.84 TFLOPS in the original PS4.

    What does that mean? In addition to pushing out those 4K HDR images, the new GPU is simply much more powerful. Character models will be sharper, particle effects will be more impressive, lighting will be more realistic, and so on.

    If you have a 4K display boot up the big screen and enjoy some pre-alpha 4K footage from the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, captured from the new PS4 Pro:

    Sony was quick to point out that the Pro will run all existing and future PS4 games. Developers will not be allowed to create a “PS4 Pro Only” title. All games must run on existing PS4 hardware, but players with a Pro model will get the benefit of that more-powerful system and enjoy the enhanced resolution and other special effects.

    In a somewhat surprising and controversial move, the PS4 Pro will not play 4K Blu-Ray discs. Sony has announced that they’ll support 4K output from streaming services, but won’t play 4K discs. Some analysts have called this move a strong showing of support for streaming video over physical media, while others are dismayed at the lack of support for physical media. This omission also gave Microsoft an easy opening for a punch, as their revamped Xbox One will play 4K discs. How this will all play out remains to be seen.

    The PS4 Pro will go on sale in November, retailing for $399.
    The other piece of news is the hardware makeover of the base PS4 model, now called the PS4 Slim. Due to a series of leaks, including one we published here, the reveal was not a huge surprise. Sony has managed to cut the power consumption by about one-third, though, an appreciated economic and ecological boost. The only item removed is the optical audio output jack, but with most systems connected solely through HDMI, Sony has gambled that it’s not a big risk. The rest of the system specs remain unchanged.

    The Dualshock 4 controller has gotten a minor makeover, shifting to a grayer color and a more rubbery, grippy texture. There’s also a small slit at the top of the central touchpad, allowing color from the lightbar to shine through. Whether or not that’s a benefit is up to you.

    If you’ve already got a PS4 system, there’s no need to rush out and buy a Slim model. They’re on sale immediately, selling for $299.

    This is shaping up to be a curious generation of gaming consoles, with both major companies releasing more-powerful yet fully compatible versions of their machines. It’s about three years into the eighth generation of home consoles, the seventh having been the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. Both of those consoles received multiple physical redesigns, but no processing power changes. Now in the eighth generation, we’re seeing this unprecedented “generation 8.5” series of machines. It’s likely we’ll see entirely new systems in a few years, but this mid-generation boost in performance is likely to keep gamers happy until generation nine arrives.

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    Dito has written two crime novels, an ungodly number of technical documents, and even an original Wikipedia entry. He lives in Chicago, where they know how to properly do pizza, hot dogs, and electric blues. Besides gaming, his hobbies include graphic design, making electronic music, and collecting cables.


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  1. HowAmI
    Still useless as a PC for this price is better.
  2. XModzGaming
    Nice but useless
  3. XxProGlitcherxX
    To be honest, as there will be no New games realeased for only Ps4 pro, i'll just stick With my ps4 untill the 9th generation comes out. There is no point for me to buy a New TV and a New console when the one i have now already has decent Graphics and will be able to run the exact same games.
  4. kyle_xy
    I ordered my ps4 slim and it's on its way, personally I think it's the best time to jump from ps3 to ps4. Now I won't have to worry about getting the newest system for another 2-3 years within my budget for once lol
    I wasn't expecting it to compete with the Scorpio, but the console generally weak, despite double the power, I was underwhelmed when releasing it, but I thought PS4 slim was pointless, the base PS4 was already slim enough and really there are no new features except the HDR which will come in a update for ALL the consoles, also no 4K blu ray player, while the demand is not there and not many ppl have a 4k TV , I would rather have it than not, even the XB1 S included in all of the models from 500 GB and up.
      Shalour likes this.
  6. The Irish Assassin
    As happy as I am to see the mega boosts in the Pro, I'm dismayed to know that with this generation of consoles, the floodgates open and before we know it, we'll be paying step by step for consoles thad are minutely better like people have been doing with the next iPhone for years.
  7. televisedfool
    Last of us remastered reported to be native 4k 30fps by Naughty Dog but no word on what will be sacrificed, if anything. Will also a feature 1080p 60fps mode that includes the improved shadow quality that was only featured in the 30fps mode you could select when on the regular ps4. Also improved textures etc etc.

    Elder Scrolls Online has been announced by Zenimax as supporting native 4k at 30fps, not sure about what will be sacrificed. 1080p users will be met with increased texture quality etc etc all that mumbo jumbo.

    That's all for now.

    Honestly, last of us remastered is already a great looking game that still stands up to new releases today, at least on console that is. So to see naughty dog supporting native 4k in it, it makes me wonder what other titles will support native 4k as well as how the higher resolution will impact the games settings.
  8. Froudey
    Funny with the PS4 Pro thing, we worked out on the Nvida Australia forums spend around 700 to 800 AUD you can build a system that would again like normal run circles around this. PS4 Pro unless the game itself is made for 4k from ground up it will be just upscaling and sony even confirm this themselfs "using the same assests" with te Xbone S it does 4k Blu ray properly as it has the blu ray and output etc it still upsaalces to 4k...

    But all that is useless unless you have a $800 (AUD) cheap brand tv and the cost would only go higher depending on brand, if Sony bundled it with a 4k bravia like they did back in the ps3 days with the 32 inch bravia then it would be acceptable.

    But I think i would rather put (out of the $559 AUD its priced at here) towards a new monitor and corresponding display port cables
  9. SefSefHD
    PS4 really killed the game on this one.. Anyone pay attention to any hardware change? Maybe we will be able to figure out a breach like how we did on the PS3 with the NOR chip...
  10. AlienFreek01
    Rip competitive. Wonder how they will work that out
    1. View previous replies...
    2. AlienFreek01
      That changes competitive a lot. They eont always run same fps, and you would be able to see wayy better with a 4k monitor or full 1080 then what the original does
    3. televisedfool
      The target for online multilayer is to have the same frames on both versions.

      While the increased resolution and graphic fidelity will make the games crisper and better looking I don't think it will give anyone much of an advantage, if any, over player skill.
    4. AlienFreek01
      Everyone's got different opinions.. Guess we will have to wait and see