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PS4 News: Retro Console and Nostalgic Theme

  1. Jedi
    Looking back at most of our childhoods, we all all remember the PlayStation 1 and how it would fill our time with classic PlayStation games. I can remember playing for hours, enjoying round after round of Bloody Roar, trying to figure out how I just pulled off that combo. In honor of the consoles upcoming 20th anniversary, Sony has decided to produce a limited edition console that will hopefully bring back some nostalgia to the older generation.

    The announcement came early today alongside an unboxing video and another video showing off the retro style of the new PlayStation 4. The console holds true to the classic design, colored with what Sony calls PlayStation grey. On the top, you will find the original PS symbol as well as another sticker showing it's legitimacy as limited edition. There will only be 12,300 units made available world wide with no announced release date. The reason for the odd amount of time is due to the date in which the first console was released. The console will include a Dualshock4 controller and PlayStation Camera that will come in a commemorative box depicting the consoles 20th anniversary. Though there isn't an official release date, the console will be available for preorder on Saturday, December 6th for €499. More information on the console and where they can be purchased will be announced at Sony's PlayStation Experience keynote that will be held this Saturday at 10am PT.

    If you want to get the retro console but don't want to wait till it's release, Sony has released a theme that you can download for your PS3, PS4, and PSVita. The theme is presented in the classic PlayStation 1 style featuring the PlayStation grey color scheme. The theme also changes the startup sound to that of the legendary console, bringing back those feelings that everyone felt all of those years ago. The theme is currently only available in Europe but is expected to make it's way to the North American market later today.

    I wasn't planning on getting a PS4 anytime soon but seeing this is making me consider getting a PS4 before I get an X1. Can't wait for this.


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