That's right folks the PS4 will be arriving here in the states in less than 3 months! Sony announced it today before Microsoft announced when their console would be hitting store shelves, so will Microsoft allow Sony to release the PS4 first or will be pull some trickery and release it first themselves? Only time will tell. But it's time to get excited Sony fans as your new console will be here before you know it, and just in time for the holidays.​
The console will retail for $399.99 on release date, and as of this moment is still available for pre-order in some stores. Which means if you haven't already done so, you may want to pre-order the console just to ensure you have one saved for you. Personally I pre-ordered it because the worst case scenario is I decide I don't want it and just cancel the pre-order, it really is that simple!​
So will you be buying the Playstation 4? Why or why not?