PS2 Backwards Compatibility May Be Coming to the PS4

Have you ever wanted to replay some of your favourite PS2 games but sadly, you didn't own a PS2 or original PS3 console? Well that might just...
  1. Crooks
    I am sure almost everyone on here remembers the days where the PlayStation 2 and Xbox were the top dogs in the gaming scene. I am also sure that most of you here have great memories on the PlayStation 2, since it was one of the most popular consoles of all time. I myself owned a PS2 and many other people that I know also had one, it was just an amazing piece of hardware. Since then, we have seen Sony come out with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and I would have to admit that I sometimes want to go back and relive all of those great moments I had on the PS2, but I can't because I do not own the console anymore. This doesn't seem like it will be the case for much longer, as some new information about PS2 backwards compatibility on the PS4 has been released, and it is safe to say that we will be able to relive all of our childhood memories through our PS4 consoles.

    The main indication towards PS2 compatibility came on Tuesday when Star Wars: Battlefront was released. The Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 bundle came packaged with a few older Star Wars titles from the PS2 era including Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. Once this bundle was released, many people who purchased it quickly noticed that the games were not actually ported to the PS4, they were actually running as emulations of the original games from back when they were first released. The main reason that they suspected that these games were not actually ports was because of the PS2 controller actually still being used in one of the games menus for remapping controls. A video of this can be found below. Players also noticed that when the games booted up that the original PS2 logo was shown and that the resolutions for these games were all up scaled a bit to most likely appear more pleasing to the eye.

    Now if all of that isn't enough, Sony actually came out and issued statements to various new sites to shed some light on the whole ordeal. A Sony representative said this in a statement sent to Techradar.
    As you can see, no additional information has been given to us regarding the matter. A few additional signs were also pointing towards this. These signs included a handful of PS2 games having their content rating reevaluated back in September. With all this in mind, PS2 backwards compatibility seems to be something that we will be seeing fairly soon. What do you think? Are you excited to see this happen? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. K _
    IF YOU BRING PS2 TO PS4, you better bring original Xbox games to XB1. I used to be obsessed with this NASCAR game I'd always play at my friends house. We used to always make sure to drive backwards and make the biggest wrecks! Although, I haven't been over in a while... I miss it. :cry:
  2. Sosuke Aizen
    This has been running around in Mi Noodle for a while now...
    I remember when that shi++y IGN PS4 APP 2 years ago wuz discussing potential PS1 Emus for the PS4.
    Happy to hear Sony themselves are down to actually support something that they continued to manufactor (PS2 Consoles sent the last 500k out of production only a few years back), wayyy after any other Consoles' "life date" c:
  3. GrandTheftAutoV
    ps2 games run 60FPS on the ps4, They should release the whole library imo
  4. CallummL
    I really hope this means I can go back and play GTA SA and GTA VC and other games such as rachet and clank. Trip of nostalgia here we come...
  5. ZacOnCrac
    *Tries to post the exact same article with even the same image 2 days ago*
    *Clicks post*
    f*** Australia's ****** internet
  6. Salus
    Can I play online with my friends that are still stuck on ps2??
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    1. GrandTheftAutoV
      Alot of ps2 games that worked online are now disconnected from the servers that no loner work bro
  7. Collateral22
    The Star Wars games that come in the Battlefront bundle are running via PS2 emulation. Sony confirmed this and have been asking on twitter what games people would like to see.
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    1. Crooks
      Yeah I mentioned that.
  8. Cakes
    Would be a good move for them since Microsoft slapped them with the Xbox 360 BC and pretty much forced them to announce that current PS4 models will never be able to do BC with PS3 games due to the architectural issues.

    On the back end of this, too bad it's not going to be as developmentally cool as the X1 BC setup. :tongue:
  9. Stonerzard
    I'd love this so much! I'd also love the ability to actually buy PS Now games too! There's so many old games I want to play!!!
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  10. Vice City
    I really hope this becomes a reality. The ability to play GTA Vice City, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Tony Hawks Underground, Need For Speed Underground 2 & many many many more great classics from my childhood would be amazing :biggrin:
    1. Salus
      Ps2 emulators are already out m8 go get one for free