The new PS Vita update is available now!​
System Update 3.00 prepares your Vita for the PS4 and gives it a few more features aswell.​

  • PS4 Link - Application that allows you to control your PS4 remotely, whether it be to play PS4 games on the Vita via Remote Play or to use the Vita for second screen features.
  • Parental Controls - Application that gives you control over what type of games/videos can be played, along with how long. You can even control access to certain apps such as the web browser.

  • Panoramic Camera - New setting that allows you to take panoramic photos on your Vita, you can even look around the photos using the Vita's motion sensor.

  • Friends List - Layout of the friends app has been improved and includes new 4 tabs.
    - Find Player
    - Friends
    Friend Requests
    Players Blocked
  • Messages - Group Messaging app has been renamed to "Messages" and the icon has been changed. Layout has also been improved and you can send/receive messages from players on their PS4 or PS mobile App.
  • Email - Can sync contacts saved in your email account.

  • Content Manager - Can now use Wi-Fi to connect your Vita to your PS3 for data transfer .
    *PS3 version must be 4.50 or later*

  • Remote Play - App has been renamed to "PS3 Remote Play".

  • Settings - All future Vita updates can be downloaded automatically if you choose to enable this in the settings.

  • Trophies - PS4 trophies will now show up on your Vita.

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