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PS Plus: Free Games Lineup for April Revealed

The free games that gamers on the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 will receive in April have been revealed. If you have an active PlayStation Plus...
  1. Crooks

    As March draws to an end, the free games for both the Microsoft consoles and Sony consoles for the following month begin to surface. If you haven't already done so, make sure to check out the Games with Gold listing for April by clicking here. Enough with this Xbox talk though, as Sony have revealed the 6 free games that players across various Sony platforms will receive in April.

    Focusing on the PS4 here, gamers will be graced with Dead Star, a team based shooter with RPG elements to it. What makes this title unique is that this game is actually being launched through PlayStation Plus. This is probably in hopes of building up a large fanbase for the game very quickly. As mentioned, the game is very team based and players will never be left out of the action in the massive 20 player lobbies.

    The second PS4 game that'll be available for gamers is Zombi, a horror game played through the first person perspective. Zombi is exactly what you expect it to be, a zombie killing horror game. We've been seeing more and more of these types of games recently, for better or for worse. The game is set in London, which is something quite unique for games of this nature.

    The other games available for the PS3 and PS Vita are quite underwhelming compared to what is being offered on Xbox in April, in my opinion at least. For the PS3 you can pickup I Am Alive and Savage Moon, while on the PS Vita you can grab A Virus Named Tom and Shutshimi. What do you think? Are you excited to play these free games? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. OverLord Beaner
    meh ill stick to xbone
  2. NotBobbyy
    Zombi? meh.
  3. vRewz
    These are some good games looking forward to zombi though.
  4. Lukush
    In Zombi there is no respawn... if you die, you die. You'll spawn back in as a brand new character and can actually go out and look for your old character that has been zombified already to retrieve your bug out bag and get all of your stuff back. It sounds a lot like a single player Day Z. Definitely going to be giving that a try.
  5. zlReborn
    Zombi?? Sounds fun.. But we'll see.
  6. Madman
    Zombi sounds alright.
  7. Stonerzard
    I really like the sound of Dead Star. Will be downloading these when available, nice to have another two games in my collection.
  8. Weeb
    Those games actually sound quite good, going to have to buy ps plus again.
  9. televisedfool
    Have never played Zombi but have been tempted to buy it multiple times, even tempting while it went on sale. Happy to see I don't have to buy it now. :biggrin:
  10. 3xTiNcT
    I'm actually going to download these ones this time.