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Prototype 2: What We Know Now

With the upcoming season of games coming our way this spring, one game that many gamers will have marked down on their calendar is Prototype 2. Following up on its successful 2009 predecessor, Prototype 2 once again takes place in the massive metropolis of New York City, where you take the reins of a new character: James Heller. Once again, the Blacklight virus has broken out and began to consume most of the city, which many believe to be down to Alex Mercers doing. The game centers on Heller's personal vendetta to kill Mercer; who he blames for the death of his family during the initial outbreak.

With the 24th of April release date closing in on us, more and more details and previews have begun to surface on the internet. One of the most intriguing pieces of information to surface is the reveal of one of games most feared bosses: The Goliath. The Goliath is a three story tall grotesque creature that received some devastating mutations whilst being exposed to the virus; including a massive shield/battering ram on one arm, and a deadly claw on the other. The games developers have stated that it'll have a free-roaming presence through-out the game and that whilst its objective is not always to kill Heller, it will violently attack him when given the chance! Here's a preview of what to expect from it:

Today, even more information has surfaced on the internet due to IGN's hour long livestream of them and developers' Radical sitting down and letting us preview the first 45 minutes of the game. The hour long event kicked off with the Prototype 2 live-action trailer that showcased Heller's anguish of losing his family, which was perfectly portrayed via the great use of the Johnny Cash hit 'Hurt' playing in the background. It also showed the first games protagonist, Alex Mercer infecting and then facing off against him in a short, but epic showcase battle. Overall, it was a very spine chilling trailer.

On terms of what the gameplay during the stream revealed, there's not much. It initially opens up with Heller talking over the phone with his wife whilst he's in Iraq/Afghanistan during his tour of duty, where he is reassuring her and his daughter not to worry about the virus rumors, and tells them to trust what Gentek are saying: The virus has been eradicated. Unfortunately that doesn't pan out, and the Blacklight virus breaks out again, killing his wife and daughter with it. Gentek quickly pin the blame of the outbreak on Alex Mercer, stating that his reappearance has re-released the deadly virus, which causes Heller to directly blame Mercer, join blackwatch and hunt him down.

After the aforementioned introduction, we take the reins as Heller where he finally finds Mercer; who is quick to dispatch Heller and then flee the scene with Heller hot on his tail. During the chase we get our first glimpse of The Goliath which Heller narrowly escapes, to only put himself directly in the path of Mercer, who infects him with the virus and leaves him to mutate. The initial infection causes Heller to black out and later wake up in a Gentek lab, where he's became a lab-rat for them as they test him new abilities. Heller escapes their clutch and is yet again confronted by Mercer, who reveals that the outbreak is not his fault, and that it is in fact Gentek's doing, as a bio-weapon's test. With this new information at light, Mercer also reveals that he infected Heller as he needs him help to expose Gentek and to foil their plan.

During the livestream, the member of Radical also showcased their new interactive system: Radnet. Radnet is Radical's all-new system that features seven weeks of intensive DLC challenges with the ultimate goal of unlocking new skins, new modes and best of all, topping the leaderboards for bragging rights! At the end of it all, participants with bronze or higher medals in all events will receive the Alex Mercer shape shifting skin- which will allow you to take the image of Mercer whilst causing havoc in New York!

As of now, that's the main bulk of information that's public on Prototype 2. With only a couple of weeks until release (24th of April) we're sure that's all Radical will reveal. The rest of it is up to you to find out!

Miss the IGN Livestream? Watch it here.
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