Pros and Cons of Remastering Video Games

What are the pros and cons of remastering older games? Is it a way for developers to make a quick buck, or is it a legitimate experience for the...
  1. Inkd
    For those of you who had the opportunity to read my previous article regarding game bundles, I briefly discussed how much I wanted to play Modern Warfare: Remastered Edition, and also discussed playing remastered video games in general. This topic had me thinking, what are the pros and cons of remastering older games? Is it a way for developers to make a quick buck, or is it a legitimate experience for the player? Let's find out by discussing the pros and cons of remastered games.

    I, myself, have been waiting for the day that either a Modern Warfare 2: Remastered Edition or Black Ops: Remastered Edition is announced by Activision or Treyarch. Despite that day still not arriving, it would be such a wonderful experience to replay games that dominated my childhood. The biggest pro, in my opinion, of remastering video games, is that you now have the ability to play a game that you have loved, yet get a entirely new experience. Nowadays, games that had been either re-released or remastered are bringing something new to the table. This usually varies depending on the company behind the remake, but it can include improved graphics that meet today's top-notch standards, easier and more user-friendly mechanics and controls, or even better, new weapons or maps that had not been apart of the original title. Additionally, people who had previously never had the chance to play the original game can now purchase and own a copy without having to invest in older hardware (i.e. Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, etc.)

    Also, if you are a developer, remastering a game by simply taking code that is already existing and simply touching it up is an easy way for you to earn revenue. Think about this from a developer's standpoint, would you rather spend money investing in voice actors, drawing out and bringing life to new characters and missions, composing new music, spending countless hours writing new code, having to constantly check for errors and bugs, creating a new title and so on; or would you rather take something that is already great and make some quick and easy arrangements every here and there. It seems like a pretty logical move when you look at it from the developer's perspective, as it would be cheaper and easier.

    On another hand, you also have people who are skeptical about purchasing remastered editions of games, and with good reason. The biggest issue people have is this, it technically is still the same product that you had invested in five, ten, fifteen years ago. Of course, everyone wants to have the ability to re-play their favorite game with improved graphics and what not, but at it's core, it is still the exact same thing that you have already purchased at some point in your life. We could also discuss backwards compatibility vs. reissuing old games, but I will save that for a different date.

    What do you think? Are remastered games just an easy way for developers and console makers to suck money out of the gaming community's pockets? Are they worth spending money on? Let us know in the comments what you think regarding reissuing games.

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  1. RJTB
    I would totally buy MW2 if it was ever remastered.
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    1. Rukhmar
      I agree that would be awesome!
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  2. 3xTiNcT
    Remastered games never seem to feel the same. I usually just go back and play the original. Although sometimes remastered versions are good.
  3. Pyroman
    Nice read, glad to see you making a comeback.

    I personally loved Skyrim's remastered, and Bioshock's remastered. Other than upgraded graphics, and features, one thing they did right was giving PC users who already owned the game the remastered version for no extra charge.
  4. Planetmaster
    I really don't think it makes a difference anymore, most gamers are just sheep that will buy a game based on the franchise. Most games are just unfinished titles, hacked together & filled with microtransactions & paywalls. Take a look at Destiny, bugs that take an age to get fixed, but as soon as one of their paywalls or microtransaction platforms get a tiny bit loose with it's rewards, boom problem sorted in record time.
    Also with Destiny & many others, where all the content gets divided into neat little DLC's to be spread out over the years, but it's not just Destiny, most games I see or hear about have DLC's or day one patches that should be in the game on the disc. When did it become ok to pass off a half finished game?
    1. AlienFreek01
      Day 1 patches are needed, no game is ever bug free especially at release, game testing teams can only do so much. After they mass produce discs and ship them out, a day 1 patch is the only way to fix bugs found later on before release. And in most games, dlc isnt things taken out of thr game. They develop dlcs over time and it takes a while to make. I don't agree with micro transactions when they give advantage, but developers can only develop so much
  5. Keeley Hazell
    I think Remasters are great if they can be a done right. Bethesa did a beautiful job with Skyrim but MWR is a perfect example of a remaster that wasn't done right. It has half the maps as the original, contains new prestiges as well as permanent unlocks. And to top it all of it wasn't even made by Infinity Ward.. I love MWR but the guys in charge made some stupid decisions
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    1. Keeley Hazell
      I have no problem rebuying a game I just want the remaster to be 100% like the original.. Literally just updated graphics
  6. PSGAndr3w
    I think the best sort of remasters are the most recent MW:R and Skyrim.

    MW:R was remastered by Raven, who care about their fans enough to leave 99% of MW intact, all of it's quirks and what-not, but still fix multiplayer breaking bugs such as getting out of the map with that weird momentum the game would build in your step as you jump.

    Skyrim was remastered by Baethesda, and leaned slightly more on the side of changing the code, in this case, optimising it, which was exactly what the game needed. The stats stayed the same, the fun bugs (getting out of Whiterun, Vamp + Werewolf together) were all there, but it's now so much stabler, also mod support.

    In both cases, fans got almost exactly what they wanted, and the game got exactly what it needed to make it a viable release. It probably matters more on a case-by-case basis, but I personally believe that's what remasters should be. Optimising the game, while keeping the experience as much of the same as possible.
  7. Skepta
    Inkd just aheads up at the end you have the [/URL] doubt that is meant to be there.

    I feel that developers should not bring out remasters as it is just a lazy way for them to make money, if people want the nostalgic feeling of an old game why not go get the full nostalgic feeling and play it on the console it was created for. Id much rather new games and new content. Why should I pay £40+ for a game I have already paid full price for on a previous console.
  8. AlienFreek01
    I think most games that get remastered get changed too much. For example, BioShock 1/2/inf stayed almost identical besides some very tiny details. But with MWR, they changed the sounds, menus, took out maps, added camos, etc. I understand adding things to add playability or whatever, but when I play a remaster I want it to be as similar as possible, with better graphics and physics.

    P.S. Little editing error at end of article
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    1. Keeley Hazell
      Yeah I hate having dark matter in MWR.. Makes all the little kids get their panties wet
    2. AlienFreek01
      I don't like the 10 extra prestiges either. I'd be fine with the original 10 prestiges and the 1k levels, but I'd ultimately prefer the original levels and prestiges
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    3. Keeley Hazell
      I was literally just saying that to a friend. I think they'll add custom prestiges like bo3 but it'll be too late because I'm already 10th 55 and decided I'm staying lol.