Project Scorpio Specs Revealed

Microsoft has revealed fresh new tech specs about its upcoming upgraded Xbox One console, Project Scorpio. According to a new report from Digital...
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    Microsoft has revealed fresh new tech specs about its upcoming upgraded Xbox One console, Project Scorpio. According to a new report from Digital Foundry, the console's specs are beyond what we've seen in the current console generation. Scorpio was able to run a Forza Motorsport demo at 60 FPS in seemingly native 4K, with graphical settings at an "Xbox One-equivalent" level.

    In terms of specs, the console boasts 12 GB of GGDR5 memory--the same type of RAM contained in the PlayStation 4, though Sony's device only contains 8 GB.

    That 12 GB is split into two portions: 8 GB is accessible to developers, while 4 GB is reserved for system use. That's an increase over Xbox One's 8 GB overall memory, which was split the same way into portions of 5 GB and 3 GB, while GGDR5 represents a speed increase over Xbox One's DDR3 RAM.

    Digital Foundry--which was shared this information by Microsoft itself--says Scorpio will run all Xbox One games "better," whether they're patched for the new console or not. This is because the console uses no emulation--Xbox One games will run natively using the system's internal power.

    Combined with a faster CPU, the result is a more stable or higher frame rate, no screen tearing, and faster load times. All of that is also reportedly true for backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games, even though changes in hardware between Xbox One and Project Scorpio mean Microsoft has had to go through each backwards-compatible Xbox 360 game individually to make them run on Scorpio.

    Scorpio also contains some improvements to Xbox One's features. Game DVR now lets you capture 4K, 60 FPS, HDR gameplay, and it will also allow you to scrub through captured gameplay to find the best screenshots. However, the new console does not contain a Kinect port--you'll need a USB adapter to use your Xbox One camera device.

    The site says Scorpio's internal design brief was to scale existing titles up to 4K--and this latest batch of information suggests Microsoft has succeeded. it should be noted, however, that the demo only contained one test version of an unconfirmed Forza game--though the build apparently was built using the same tech used to make Forza Motorsport 6. Additionally, titles that were originally 30 FPS will not go over that unless patched to do so, while the level of optimization seen in all titles could vary.

    Users who own 1080p televisions will still be catered for, too: "ultra HD-rendering should super-sample down for those 1080p displays," says the site, meaning games should look sharper, even if you don't own a 4K set.

    Although no price has officially been confirmed, Digital Foundry and Eurogamer estimate from the specs they've seen that the console will cost US $499--the same price as the Xbox One at launch.

    We already knew that Scorpio will boast six teraflops of performance--including 320 GB/s memory bandwidth and eight CPU cores--though the console will differ from Xbox One by reportedly not containing ESRAM.

    Microsoft says Scorpio is the most powerful console ever made and that it will be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, which came out last year. It will still support Xbox One games, controllers, and accessories, however.

    The new console is due to launch this holiday, but it remains to be seen when Microsoft will start to officially show it off in more detail. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said he is unsure if Microsoft will show off Project Scorpio before E3 in June, while also stating recently that he thinks it's "critical" for first-party games to be ready for the system's launch.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Yeah I don't see this being worth the upgrade..
  2. Master
    Come on...
    • Native 4k gameplay within 60fps
    • Game DVR captures in 4k within 60 fps
    • More backwards compatibility
    • Supports Xbox One games and accessories
    • Faster performance
    • Increased multi-tasking

    So far, it sounds really good. As long as the specs are true, I'm going to budget and see if I can afford this with a good 4k TV later down the road.
  3. Ind0sliverclub
    I think it's ridiculous. Was this all this promised or talked about before the release of the Xbone now they're adding all this because their sales were so poor? The only thing new from what I can understand is constant 4k/60 FPS?
    1. goss34
      Yeah, personally I don't think the performance upgrades are significant enough for me to upgrade and I wouldn't shell out $500 for 4K and 60FPS for gaming, maybe for watching TV.
  4. M4YON
    Underwhelming that it only has a 1TB hardrive as standard, 4k games are going to take up much more memory.

    Also a missed opportunity in not using AMD's new Ryzen chipset and have instead stuck with the much older Jaguar chipset.

    It's a huge improvement on the Xbox One S and beats out the PS4 pro in every way which is great but i just can't help comparing it to a high end PC and thinking they could have done so much more here graphics wise.
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    2. Shalour
      I guess to keep the cost down. You can easily buy an external hard drive if you want more storage.
    3. Red58
      Some people are insisting its going to rival the capabilities of a GTX 1070 but I find that hard to believe
      Sosuke Aizen likes this.
    4. M4YON
      The difference in price between a 1TB and 2TB is minimal should of gone with a 2TB.

      I already have a 2TB WD external but with 4k games going to take up more memory its going to force me to upgrade and probably many others too. They should of gone with the higher storage.

      Looked at the specs and its about on par with AMD 480x which is no way near the top end spectrum of GPU's.
  5. Beardyman
    I'm pre-ordering this as soon as it becomes available.

    What a machine.
      Shalour and Salus like this.
  6. MrAssassin
    This looks insane. Definitely going to buy this and a 4k tv.
      Shalour likes this.
    1. Shalour
      I will as well. I cannot wait until e3 so we can see what it looks like and its confirmed price.
  7. televisedfool
    Not bad.

    Disappointing that it's still using the Jaguar architecture though.
      Sosuke Aizen and AlienFreek01 like this.
    1. High School
      I agree, I would of loved to see Ryzen.
    2. AlienFreek01
      Gotta balance cost and performance. For a console it would likely be very expensive in mass
    3. Alex
      They also have shed loads of the Jaguar chips laying around that they can just strip down and improve on. Cost effective.
      AlienFreek01 likes this.