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Rumor Project Helix: Is Microsoft Finally Bringing Halo to PC?


In a recent Kotaku report discussing the future of Microsoft consoles, an interesting rumor regarding Microsoft's efforts to further unify their consoles with PC's came up. Titled "Project Helix" this is allegedly the codename of the possible release of every future Microsoft title being equally released on both the Xbox One and PC. We've been seeing small changes and steps towards unification of the two platforms, such as Rocket Leauge getting a cross-platform play feature, the official announcement of all future Forza titles coming to both Xbox One and PC, and the possible porting of the Xbox interface to PC.

If this does indeed prove to be true, this would mean that the next entry in the Halo franchise will be making it's way to PC, something many gamers have been waiting for. Earlier this month, it was announced that Halo 5's Forge tools would be coming to PC, enabling PC users to create maps and then port them to Xbox One. Despite Phil Spencer himself stating that is was unlikely that Halo 5 would come to PC, some took the release of the Forge tools as a bit of foreshadowing when it was most likely just a tease for something much bigger. Josh Holmes, Studio Director of 343 Industries, stated that the release of the Forge tools was "just the beginning for Halo on PC." While one may look at this as "Halo for PC confirmed," it could mean anything. With all of the recent moves Microsoft has been making on both of their platforms and the little tease-filled quips certain developers make, such as Gears of War 4 Producer Rod Fergusson hinting at the game coming to PC, the arrow on the hype-o-meter seems to be pointing towards true.

With E3 approaching quickly Microsoft is expecting to make quite a few bombshell announcements at gaming's biggest event. They may finally go in-depth with a roadmap showcasing their plans of bringing the Xbox One and PC together, along with what titles they plan to bring cross-platform play to. Microsoft's E3 briefing for this year is set for June 13th, so make sure to stay tuned to the homepage for Microsoft's upcoming announcements.

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