Project Cars 2 officially has a worldwide release date this fall. Bandai Namco is also sharing more details about the racing sequel, including its sandbox-style career mode, multi-class gameplay, and improved handling.

The game comes out globally on September 22 and will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (its developer has previously said it won't be coming to Nintendo Switch anytime soon). Also out today is a new trailer, which shows off some of the unique driving modes (rallycross, road racing, and multi-class racing) and revamped controls. Check it out below.

The trailer promises to be just a slice of what will be on display at E3, when attendees will get to try the first public demo themselves. At its heart will be Project Cars 2's career mode, which will give players an open path to go from racing karts to the world's top sports cars. Players will be able to specialize in one motorsport discipline or try their hand at multiple ones.

Bandai Namco says "fan-requested" multi-class racing will be part of the game, allowing players to choose any car and track from multiple car classes and jump right into competiting "in any car, anytime, anywhere, off- and-online, against both in-class competitors and other classes too." The game will have a full 24-hour weather cycle and dynamically varying track conditions, and will also support virtual reality headsets on PC.

If you preorder or buy Project Cars 2 on its release day, you'll get some extra goodies. Developer Slightly Mad Studios is including a Japanese DLC pack with four additional cars from Honda and Nissan.

Source: GameSpot