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Prepare to Wreak Havoc In Catlateral Damage


Are you a cat owner? Have you ever wanted to know what life would be like if you were a destructive little fur demon sent from the very depths of cat hell? Well if you own a PlayStation 4, Catlateral Damage may be the game you’ve been waiting for! Originally created in 2013 for the 7 Day FPS challenge event, where the developer, Chris Chung, wanted to create a simple game that would place players into the body of your common household cat. Due to growing up with multiple cats, and using his own personal life experiences with those cats and using them as a reference for his game, Catlateral Damage should have many quirks cat owners can definitely relate to.

Designed to be a destructive first-person gaming experience, the game seems to have one simple goal: make as much of a mess as possible. Using control maps similar to your favorite wall-running and gun blasting first-person shooters, Catlateral Damage will instead see players use their ferocious feline claws to tear their owner’s house asunder. Players will be able to experience firsthand exactly what their furry companions do when they’re not home to watch them. Namely knocking over fragile household items and scratching at random objects.

The game has received over 2,500 contributions aimed to further its development due to a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign Chung ran a few years ago. People from all over the world sent Chung photos of their cats, and even helped inspire designs for some of the cats you’ll be able to play in the game. There will be over 250 real photos that donors sent in which will be hidden in the game, all there for you to discover for when you’re on your adventures.

The areas you’ll be able to explore in the game won’t limit you to your owner’s house. There will be multiple levels, including a log cabin, a mansion, a supermarket, and a museum. Each level will change in design each time you load it, so you’ll never run out of places to explore and destroy. There will be two game modes for players to try out, the first one being Objective Mode, which will have players trying knock down a specified amount of objects in the world before the time limit is up. Litterbox Mode is essentially a sandbox. Pick any level and play until your tiny kitty heart gives out. Both game modes will allow players to collect multiple upgrades for their cats by playing with any cat toys they find on the map. Upgrades include increased agility, improved swatting abilities and more. Each map will also have randomized special events which will allow players to earn power-ups and other strange abilities.

If you’re interested in Catlateral Damage, you can purchase it on March 22nd for the PlayStation 4 for only $9.99. If you’re a PlayStation Plus members, you’ll receive a 20% discount when purchasing during launch week, making the price only $7.99.

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