Prepare to take control of a lone gunship in the new first-person, rogue-like shooter, Sublevel Zero. The new shooter, which is being developed by Sigtrap, takes place in a universe where reality is falling apart. Players will have to navigate their way through randomly generated 3D levels, solve puzzles, and obliterate enemies who carry ancient artifacts. As a lone pilot struggling to keep your clan alive, your mission is to descend into the underground facility the game takes place in. The more ancient technologies you loot and craft, the closer you will get to finding the key to your clan's survival.

Shipping out with a "6 degrees of freedom" style of gameplay. Players will be able to pilot their ship in any direction they wish to. Beware though, your enemies will be able to do the same. The game also comes with "permadeath," which means that there aren't any lives, and you won't be able to save your game. Once you die, that's it. Players will need to think very fast in order to keep up with the constantly changing world.

As far as personal defense goes, you'll be able to collect a wide range of randomly generated weapons, ship upgrades, and more to defend yourself with. If that's not enough for you, you can loot parts from dead enemies and craft extra upgrades for your ship. You'll unlocking more blueprints for ship upgrades and bonus items the more you play the game. However, the powerful weapons in the game come with a twist: the stronger the weapons you craft get, the harder they become to use. For example, The Shredder, a shotgun-like weapon, can be upgraded into a weapon that allows your bullets to ricochet called the Flak Cannon. While your damage and potential to take out multiple enemies at once is increased, your projectiles fire slower and the bullets the ricochet can damage your ship.

When the game launches launch on October 8th for PC and Mac, be sure to make every shot count. Linux will receive support shortly after, and Console formats and Oculus Rift support are coming in 2016. Are you ready to descend?

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