The Pre-registration Service for Android and iOS Games

Welcome to, the world’s first pre-registration platform to help mobile game developers build an audience and an engaging community...
By God · Oct 26, 2015 · Updated Oct 26, 2015
  1. God

    Welcome to, the world’s first pre-registration platform to help mobile game developers build an audience and an engaging community before a game's official launch. will help developers by assisting them in building a targeted audience of gamers with new assets. Gamers will have access to closed betas, social tools, and participation rewards.

    According to its Google Play page, is an essential app for mobile gamers, casual and hardcore alike. Gamers will be able to access a unique database of game news, and information on the latest unreleased game apps by many developers. In addition to this, gamers will be able to have one-on-one chats with developers, and will get to see which upcoming releases the mobile gaming community shows the most interest in. Adding to the the social side of things, you'll be able to connect with Facebook to see which new games your friends are interested in and stay on top of the latest games.


    Gamers will be able to use to research a curated roster of featured games they want to follow. After pre-registration is complete, players will receive in-game gifts, and will be able to build a social network through the player-driven guild system. Users will also receive live notifications when a game they're following has been launched. Publishers will be able to receive direct feedback from gamers, and will be able to update their product based upon the feedback they receive. is currently only available in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. To download to your Android device, visit Google Play, while iOS users may visit via the Safari web browser.

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Sounds cool although I don't really play any mobile games.
  2. Inkd
    This actually looks pretty neat.

    coldfire202, would you ever consider using something like this?
      God likes this.
    1. MatthewH
      I can definitely see it's uses from a developer stand point. If I ever get serious about mobile game development, I may look into something like this for sure.
      I like how you can chat with the developers though, interacting with your users (especially in the beginning and when you're a small company) is definitely key to building an audience.
    2. Inkd
      Without a doubt it's a key component. Also, this is a great and easy way for developers to get in touch with costumers who are paying for an application or game, or something along those lines.
    3. MatthewH
      I've bookmarked it for now and will return to the idea at a later time. Thanks for the tag Chris.