Just recently, Appleinsider informed people that there was a patent filed by Apple that allowed users to play apps on iOS without having to use up on-screen space for buttons. This is extremely exciting for anyone who's played games with movements and buttons on screen and know how annoying it is to cover up half of the screen with your fingers trying to move around. That is what this controller is going to combat.

Since the patent only mentioned the connection between hand held and controller but not how it was to be connected, that left lots of room for interpretation and changes. Some possible ways to connect may be a plug in connection like in the picture above, Bluetooth and anything in between. If it were to connect by Bluetooth, this could allow multiple users to play together with these controllers.

Speaking of multiple users, some of the pictures in the patent included what was labeled as an on-board storage. This could be used to offload profiles and game files allowing the device to be multi-user. This would allow users to switch phones but still enjoy their previous game saves. Other features Apple had put into the patent were extra cameras, microphones, speakers and even a dual display much like a Nintendo DS. This Nintendo DS type dual display would need to have 2 iPhones put into it, however. Much like their Airplay, Apple had suggested the ability to connect to an external display such as a TV. While there is Airplay, that's only for apps that support it. This controller would connect regardless.

The only part about this that could ruin the whole plan is that the patent was filed in 2008. While this could mean that the idea has been scrapped, there's also a good chance that Apple has just been working on it secretly and it was just now leaked. Only the future holds the answer.

What do you think, would you buy such a product?

I believe that it's a very good idea and has the potential to be amazing. Streaming wireless to a TV with a controller and potentially multiplayer? Amazing idea.

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