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Portable Steam Gaming Device Gets Release Window & Price


The world of gaming keeps on improving, and has seen tremendous strides towards the future, with the release of next generation consoles, along with companies hastily working to bring us virtual reality headsets. Now the world of PC and portable gaming will also see an upgrade, with the release of the Smach Zero, formally known as the Steam Boy, making its way to retailers in the fourth quarter of 2016. Running on Valve's SteamOS, (an operating system specifically designed to run Steam) this new handheld device has 32 GB internal storage, a 5-inch 720p touchscreen, 4 GB of RAM, and an HDMI output, along with Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.

All of that together, it somewhat has the functionality of a miniature PC. Internal hardware aside, the exterior has the overall shape and width of a Playstation Vita, consisting of a center fixed screen, two Steam controller circle pads, and a set of four buttons on each side. Although, the gamepad is configurable to coincide with certain games. It is also worth noting that Valve/Steam are only providing the OS and taking care of some details in the background on this project, while development and manufacture of the final product will be handled by the independent, third party company, SMACH Team.

Pre-orders will be available starting November 10th, at a price of $299. Which is something you may want to jump on, as the company manufacturing the Smach Zero states this is only the pre-order price, and consumers will have to pay more if they wait until later to make a purchase.

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