Well it looks like the Xbox One will finally be getting a real MMO in the form of Neverwinter, a game that has been widely popular on PC. It will come to Xbox One in China later this year and the rest of the world early 2015. The game will be Free To Play on the console, but will require an Xbox Live Gold Subscription, as it supports online play only. While some users may scream that it is foul play to charge to play a F2P online game, compared to other MMO's, paying for Xbox Live just to play this game comes out to $5 per month which is extremely cheap.

Neverwinters lead producer, Andy Velasquez had a bit to say about the release;

All the same races, all the same classes, all the same maps. The content will be there, with some minor exceptions. Since we launched on PC, we've added some bits to the endgame, and then we added another module which had another campaign at the endgame. So we'll probably stagger those releases [in the console version].

This alone is great news for the console, as you won't be handicapped with less content just because it's on the console. Staggering the expansion releases is smart as it will keep gamers interested without overwhelming them with too much content at the beginning. You can enjoy the same experience on PC right in your own living room without having to worry.

Some gamers I am sure will be worried about the keyboard and mouse to controller transition, and Velasquez had a bit to say about that as well;

From the beginning, we always received feedback that this would be great with a controller, and we even have a bunch of PC users who, using just a 360 controller, have come up with keybind files, I basically just plugged a controller into my PC and messed around with different configurations. At this point now, I can't stand playing our game with a mouse and keyboard. I actually like playing it with a controller; it just feels better.

To combat this change, instead of having the traditional 'floating window' that PC users get in MMOs for spells, console users will get a 'tray' in the shape of the controller on the bottom of the screen, so that spells can be mapped to various triggers/face buttons.

Other smaller, but still important changes, is that the in-game friends list will be tied to your Xbox One friends list, and there will be no cross console play.

In my opinion it's great to hear that Free to Play developers and MMO developers are starting to see the light in bringing these games to consoles. It opens up an entirely new market for console gamers and broadens the reach these companies can get too. MMOs have been hard sell to console gamers with the exception of Final Fantasy XI and XIV, every other MMO has had a hard time taking off and keeping a user base. With Neverwinter being F2P, it should thrive on the Xbox One since anyone is able to jump in and give it a shot without having to spend a dime. I'll be interested to see how well Neverwinter does on Xbox One, and may even give it a shot myself.