Humanity is long gone. The only thing the human race has left as their legacy, are intelligent robots they created long before their demise. These robots have gone and created their own different communities in order to start a new life now that their human owners have been completely wiped out. The game leaves you with multiple ways to achieve your in-game goals. With several paths and areas to explore in the environment, the developers have ensured every player will have a different first-time experience, and will never see everything the game has to offer in a single playthrough.

The story of Poncho begins with a robot finding himself waking up on a barren world unfamiliar to it. The only object it seems to be carrying, is a small red poncho. The robot adopts the poncho as its own name, and from there, its journey begins.

Players will be able to explore a fully animated, pixel-drawn environment fitted with 3D parallax style layers. Using Poncho’s depth powers, players will be able to freely jump and transition between not only the background and foreground but the mid-ground as well. You can use Poncho’s unique abilities to freely explore and solve all of the puzzles and mysteries the world will offer you. That said, there won’t be any levels in Poncho. When Poncho awakens, you get to choose where you want to go. It’s your story and your destiny to control. Poncho will also feature randomly generated ecosystems filled with many different creatures and animals, each one reacting to every movement Poncho makes. Are you ready to begin your journey to meet your maker?

Poncho is a available for PlayStation 4, Play Station Vita, Wii U, PC, Mac, and Linux.