The Pokemon Company today released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon and also revealed that a demo for the Moon version will be available later this month.

The new trailer reveals the evolved forms of Pokemon Sun and Moon's starter Pokemon, which we previously learned are named Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. The evolved forms are called Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne. Take a look at the trailer below to see them in action.

The Pokemon Company also confirmed today that a Pokemon Moon demo will be available from the eShop starting on October 18. You will have the creature Greninja on your roster in the demo. This Pokemon can become Ash-Greninja, and you can transfer it to the full game. Ash-Greninja was previously seen alongside Ash in the Pokemon the Series: XYZ animated TV show.

Also on display in the video is the Festival Plaza social space, which players can visit to meet up with other players. As shown in the video, players can complete tasks for others (getting food for someone is one example) and earn Festival coins for doing so. These can be spent in the Festival Plaza's shops.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are scheduled to come out on November 18 for Nintendo 3DS. They are the first new games in the mainline series since Pokemon Go's record-setting release in July. It will be interesting to see if the increased interest in Pokemon translates to stronger sales for the new games. Nintendo recently announced that 2DS sales surged 500 percent due to "excitement for the Pokemon brand," which is almost certainly a reference to Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Company announced in September that Pokemon Bank functionality for Sun and Moon won't be available at launch. Instead, the feature will be added through an update in January 2017.

Source: GameSpot